Symposium Presentations Announced

Submitted by David


The 12th Annual Summer Film Symposium presentations have been announced.  This year's event is titled a Cabinet of Curiosities and the presenters have met that challenge with a diverse array of topics. 

This photo is from Swallowed and Saved a presentation by Mary Cappello from the University of Rhode Island. Cappello focused on the Chevalier Jackson Foreign Body Collection: a beguiling set of drawers filled with thousands of items that had been swallowed or inhaled, then extracted nonsurgically by a pioneering laryngologist using rigid instruments of his own design. The presentation will be a mixed media meditation on this aura-laden cabinet and its maker, the visual art that continues to emerge in response to it, and recently re-discovered home movie footage of Dr. Chevalier Jackson.

Photo credit: Radiographer, Dr. Willis F. Manges (1876-1936). Collection of the Mutter Museum, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia.