A Summer Regatta in Maine, 1934

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A Summer Regatta in Maine, 1934 from Northeast Historic Film on Vimeo.

Summer Regattas, Peter’s Cove, Blue Hill, Maine, 1934. Alida Donnell Milliken Camp filmed a 1934 sailing regatta and many other summertime activities, spending every summer of her life on the coast of Maine. The setting of this sunny, cloudless day is the yacht club started by her father in 1924, to teach sailing to his children. 83 years later, the Kollegewidgwok Yacht Club won the Atlantic sloop class national championship. Alida Camp herself was described by a relative as “A fierce, I hate to use the word, liberal, a strong-minded woman, a real individualist.” An unflagging supporter of hospitals, schools and environmental organizations in Maine, she was instrumental in the founding of both the national and the Maine MS Society. For many years she ran her local hospital's volunteer switchboard operator program.

From the Mrs. Frederic E. Camp Collection, Northeast Historic Film.