Stories From the Past: Sounds From the Future

Submitted by David

Film and Live Music!  Today, Saturday November 2, 2013

7:30 PM  Doors open at 7:00pm at: SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress Street,  Portland, ME 04101



SPACE Gallery presents a special night of rare film and live music. Working closely with Northeast Historic Film, musician Jeff Beam has selected a handful of silent-film curiosities from throughout New England around which to build an eclectic songspiel. From scenes of blueberry farming in Hiram to ice harvesting in Machias, these forgotten historical documents provide the perfect foils for Beam's elegant, evocative scores and songs. A panel discussion follows.
NOTE: The event takes place at SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress Street, Portland. Tickets are required: $8 in advance/$10 day of.  

This was an exciting "futuristic" collaboration.  Jamie Hook of the Denmark Arts Center called up and floated the concept.  In the past, while possible, this kind of effort would have taken many days of research, followed by more days of transferring, followed by more days of editing.  And only then could Jeff Beam start composing.  I'm sure not all of that work vanished but from NHF's point-of-view, the new technologies made it all spectacularly efficient.  Jamie and Jeff researched clips on our website and then came in with a list of things that seemed interesting. They brought a laptop and sat down and plugged into our digital clips repository.  It was easy to find things on their list, and just as easy to click on other files and explore.  Then the file could be copied by dragging and dropping.  Off they went and the result is the program coming up at SPACE GALLERY! 

In a couple of years this will feel pretty old-fashioned.  "Wow, you had to do a site visit? Why didn't they have all that stuff on-line?"  At least we hope it feels old-fashioned because that's the direction we are trying to go.  It only takes time and money!  Which reminds's time for the Annual Fund letters to go out.  If you can't wait for your letter to arrive; fear not.  Click here and give generously!