Sell-outs at the Alamo?

Submitted by David

 In the last few months it has happened several times.  I apologize to those we had to turn away, but I'm happy to see folks coming out to see a show!

Why is this happening? 

First: We are showing good movies.  Jane does a wonderful job of identifying excellent movies which will appeal to our audience.

Second: Open Captions on Sunday afternoon. Open captions are like subtitles but for a movie in English.  It has turned out to be quite popular and a growing number of patrons are making it a habit.  Of course, we also have infrared headsets at all shows providing a private volume boost for those that prefer it.

Third: Six shows per week, or more.  People are liking the flexibility to go to dinner before the late show or after the early show.

Fourth: Wide variety of drink choices.  We carry Coke AND Pepsi AND Moxie and many other drinks, plus coffee, tea, beer and wine.

Fifth: Excellent popcorn with real butter! We have customers who just come in for popcorn on their way home.

Sixth: Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound with a Bose Acoustic Wave Cannon sub-woofer which translated into English means "Really good sound!"

Seventh: Phil and the conscientious staff who will do their best to take care of you and keep this theatre spotless.

Eighth: Become a member and get in for ONLY $5.00!!!