Sardine Fishing

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Moving Image
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4 min. 13 sec.
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film (400 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm.
circa 1940
Flock of seagulls on water gathering food from surface, likely off the coast of Great Duck Island (according to intertitle). Brief sequence from animated cartoon of large black bird flying with chest in its beak. Man rowing dinghy near shore and extensive footage of the shoreline of Great Cranberry Island taken from a moving boat. Features rocky coast, thick forest of evergreen trees and strong waves crashing against the rocks. Brief sequence from animated cartoon of hula-type dancers dancing on beach. Brief underwater scenes of fish swimming. Extensive footage of houses along the rocky coast of the Cranberry Isles. Closeup of the 'venerable' Allen Smith, elderly man wearing suspenders standing in front of white house. Large wooden fish weir and fishermen in a dinghy within the weir. Extensive footage of herring in large nets being loaded onto the “King Fisher” fishing boat with pulleys while salt is thrown on top of the wriggling fish by the crew. Fisherman standing in middle of large pile of herring helps fill buckets of the salted fish that are hoisted onto dock with pulley system. Ends with shots of different types of packaged Billow Brand sardine cans. Majority of herring fishing footage was shot at sea from a moving boat.

Cranberry Isles, ME; Great Cranberry Island, ME; Great Duck Island, ME

Ernest G. Stillman Collection
Northeast Historic Film
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