Renting the Space

The Alamo Theatre is available for your special event or meeting.  The Alamo has been rented for film screenings, concerts, weddings, bar mitzvahs, board meetings, and public hearings. We have tons of tables and chairs and have successfully hosted 50 for a sit-down luncheon.  The lobby is a great meeting or break-out space and we are handicap accessible.  Prices are listed below. For additional information call NHF at 207.469.0924 or email.


Base Packages:


Private Meeting:  $200

  • Up to three hours of auditorium & lobby time
  • Electricity, heat/air conditioning
  • Basic house & stage lighting
  • Podium with microphone
  • One 8' table on stage with microphone
  • Tables and chairs in auditorium & lobby if needed
  • Video projection for computer presentation
  • Seating for 125

Private Party: $225

(If movie currently showing- add $3 per head after 20 people plus Birthday Party Rate)

  • Up to three hours of auditorium & lobby time
  • Refrigeration for food brought in
  • Tables and chairs in the lobby
  • FREE popcorn for your guests (One small each for the first 25 guests and $1 each if more than 25.)
  • Video projection for the Blu-ray or DVD you bring (please drop off at least two days before for compatibility check)
  • Electricity, heat/air conditioning
  • Seating for 125 in auditorium
  • Your special message on one frame of the marquee the week of your event.

Personal Event: $250 (packages start at)

(Wedding, Party, Reception, Anniversary, Bar Mitzvah ect.)

  • Call us to make your special event perfect.
  • Seating for 125 in auditorium plus unique lobby space in our 1916 theatre building

Public Screening/Gathering/Meeting:  $300

(Film or live streaming presentation.)  All copyright, leasing and clearances handled and paid by you in advance.  (WE WILL NOT SCREEN ANYTHING TO THE PUBLIC THAT HAS NOT BEEN CLEARED.  We are a licensed motion picture exhibitor.) 

  • Up to three hours including presentation and Q & A
  • Video projection for the DCP,  Blu-ray or live stream that you arrange for.  (Please drop off hard media or web address and password at least two days in advance)
  • Concessions with attendant and beer & wine available if appropriate
  • 140 seats with supplementary chairs
  • Event/Welcome/Movie title, time & date on one frame of the marquee for the week of your event.

Live Stage Show: $500

(Fundraiser, music, play, comedy, etc.)

  • Up to six hours of auditorium and lobby time
  • 125 seat auditorium
  • Concessions with attendant
  • Sound Check
  • Sound Board: Mackie BLZ SR24-44 eq knobs per channel
  • Stage monitors: 2 JBL, 2 Bose 802
  • Boom stands (6)
  • Microphones: 4 shure 58, 1 Sure Beta, 2 AT813a, 2 Beyer Dynamic TG-X21, 1 EV 684a
  • Electrical Outlets: Four 20amp duplex circuits on stage
  • Direct Box: two
  • Speakers: Two EAW mounted over stage
  • Tables and chairs in lobby
  • Marquee: one frame for the week of the event
  • Basic green room with table and chairs, small fridge, clothes rack and direct access to stage and parking lot.


  • Extra rehearsal or set up time $25/hour or $35/hour with technician/projectionist
  • Add extra time to a package: add $50/hour
  • After hours (10pm-8am) add $75/hour
  • DCP/Video projector: $50 for two hours
  • Laptop Computer Rental $20
  • Film rental: $250 and up
  • Tickets sold at the door by us (Cash/Credit/Debit cards or checks)
  • Ticket design & printing: $50
  • Popcorn for all your guests: $25
  • Tablecloths $2
  • Extra Tables (6' or 8') $3
  • The entire marquee the day of your event $50

The Alamo has a liquor license for wine and malt beverages.  No alcohol may be brought in from the outside.  We can work with you on what your guests will like although we stock a variety of whites, reds, and macro and micro brews.

A basic kitchen with countertop, range, oven, sink, and refrigerator is available. The lobby area may be used for food service.

A show scheduled to start or finish after 4pm on Friday or Saturday or 12:30pm on Sunday: $1000.

Northeast Historic Film reserves the right to reject potential rentals or date requests that conflict with the running of regular theater business, staffing availability, or construction. NHF also reserves the right to reject any marquee text or publicity materials.