Submitted by David
NHF just received a grant from the Davis Family Foundation to enhance our presentation programs across the state, as well as in the Alamo Theatre.  
Increasingly you will find our moving images on DVDs in libraries schools and stores, a growing amount of digitized material on our website, and programs shown on MPTV and other TV stations. Yet we don't want to abandon real face-to-face shows in front of audiences.  
Live presentations still yield enormous benefits by giving audiences a chance to receive information that adds context to a given presentation, by allowing group discussion and the exchange of ideas, and through this process building an increased sense of community. Our outreach and access programs depend on three types of  presentation, and the Davis Family Foundation grant will give a boost to each of them.   
1. Alamo Theatre/Community events
Our  location in Bucksport has given us the opportunity, and the responsibility, to play an important role as a Main Street cultural center.  Our regular weekend movies contribute to the economic well being of the business district by attracting over 10,000 people/year.  In addition, we host a growing number of civic events, panel discussions, business meetings, and other community gatherings. 
2.  Small Venue
Historical Societies, Museums, Libraries, Schools, Churches, and Fraternal organizations are some of the organization types which regularly request presentations.   
3. Outdoor/Large Venue
 Equipment limitations have restricted us to one outdoor show per year for a number of years.  We hope to do more in the future.