Rainy day update from the Fryeburg Fair

Submitted by Jane

What is a moving image archives doing at Maine's largest agricultural fair? The sign on the side of the Farm Museum states, “Old Maine Films.” We have a cozy space in the furthest corner of the museum. We are set up like a little theater. It's one of the few places on the fairgrounds where you can just come sit inside without having to buy some sort of barbecued meat. We are in an uninsulated and unheated space but the warmth from Loretta's kitchen next door seeps in along with the delicious smells from the many things she cooks in and on the cook stove. We often help out our friends in the kitchen. And by “help out” I mean we are happy to take care of any peanut butter fudge or apple crisp that might be in the way!

Fryeburg Fair 2010Great turnout this year. Lots of old friends have stopped by and many new faces have discovered us tucked in next to Edward and Erlon the oxen. (There are smells that seep in from them too but I won't elaborate.) We have sold many Videos of Life in New England and a woman brought her 16mm home movies to us to transfer to DVD.

David wandered off to Portland to film the WCSH 6 show, 207. He and Maine's beloved Bill Green will be on next week promoting Home Movie Day. Bill has been gracious enough to join us and share his own personal childhood movies. Please stop by the Museum and see us. We will be here at Maine's Blue Ribbon Classic through Sunday the 10th. It's worth the trip. And if you can't make it please go see The Girl Who Played With Fire at the Alamo this weekend!