NHF staff regularly offers customized presentations for groups like Senior College, historical societies, and elementary and high school students. Topics offered include The Way Work Used To Be, Movie-Making in Northern New England, Early Television, and Regional Moving Images as Community Resources. Presentation fees generally start at $150, depending on the complexity of the requested program, staging requirements, and travel.


Back to the Land

Moving images of potato spraying in the ‘20s, 4H dairying in the ‘40s, part-time farming in the ‘50s, and hand harvesting in the ‘80s give us a glimpse into how agriculture, land use, and sustainability thread through the fabric of life in Maine. We will take a journey through the past 80 years to see just what it has meant to be Back to the Land.



In Our Wake: Maine's Maritime Heritage on Film


From  lobster pots and four-masted schooners to rescues at sea and fishing for tuna, the films step back in time to 1902 and then travel through the decades to explore Maine’s nautical past. Through the use of home movies, travelogues, silents, and talkies, these moving pictures examine our state’s boats, harbors and people.


Lobster Bakes, Blueberries, and Broilers: Collections from Northeast Historic Film

From the fields to the hills and down through the coast, Maine is full of culinary opportunities.  We’ll explore a traditional Maine lobster and clam bake on the shores of an island, the how-to’s of a chicken barbeque, blueberries from start to finish, sardine casseroles, and how those potatoes are so very handy.



Maine Coastal Living

Drawing a Lobster Pot, the oldest film shot in the state of Maine that we have found, begins this journey along the coast of Maine. Travel to Harrington for a four masted schooner launch, to Casco Bay for the story of a sea captain, to Machias for long log operations, and then to Portland, Sebago Lake, and many other locations in Maine for a trip through time.



Northeast Historic Film offers a variety of workshops in different formats. Moving Image Preservation workshops for half-day, full-day and two-days are offered. Workshops may be offered in conjunction with Brodsky & Treadway, renowned filmmakers, writers, technicians and 8mm film advocates.

Workshops are hands-on learning experiences and include equipment setups for the participants, handouts, and time to discuss projects on a one-to-one basis. Workshops work best with from 6 to 24 participants. Rates vary. Contact us at 207 469-0924 for more details.


Theatre Rental

The Alamo theatre is available for rental for workshops, presentations, and special events. For information on renting the Alamo Theatre, please visit our renting the theatre page.