New Titles Added to National Film Registry

Submitted by David



On December 19 the Librarian of Congress announced 25 additions to the National Film Registry. This year, as always, there are wonderful and diverse titles on the list (Born Yesterday, The Matrix, Sons of the Desert, Slacker) and some rarities I've never seen. Check out the National Film Registry
It is the 10th anniversary of the addition of From Stump To Ship: A 1930 Logging Film to the list. 
See a clip or purchase a DVD of From Stump To Ship
The inclusion of this NHF title is an honor and an acknowledgement of the value of amateur film as a record of a region's history and culture.  The icing on the cake occurred in 2005 when the Librarian of Congress named The Making of an American to the Registry. That title, produced by the Worcester Film Corp., is part of NHF's Alan & Natalie Kattelle Collection.  Purchase a DVD of The Making of an American 
I  note the newly added  Kodachrome Color Motion Picture Tests from 1922. This Kodak demonstration film was created under the supervision of Kodak scientist John Capstaff and was the first publicly demonstrated color film to attract the general interest of the American film industry. The J. G. Capstaff Collection of home movies at NHF, deposited by Peter Dennen, contains some of the earliest 16mm home movies taken in B&W, Kodacolor and Kodachrome.   Learn more about the J. G. Capstaff Collection.