The Boston TV News Digital Library: 1960-2000

The first online resource in the U.S. offering a city’s commercial, noncommercial, and community cable TV news heritage to educators and the public, the project is a partnership between NHF, Cambridge Community Television, the Boston Public Library, with the WGBH Media Library and Archives as the lead organization. We received a National Leadership Grant of $487,681 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The project will (1) establish a new collaboration among community institutions already committed to collections stewardship serving broad audience sectors; (2) combine all known Boston heritage television collections to develop a comprehensive digital library in an open source repository; (3) preserve and make accessible digital assets with comprehensible rights and relevant descriptive metadata;  (4) research and create essential rights modules clarifying legal issues relating to local TV news collections; (5) provide curricular context for study of urban history using primary source materials in classrooms and at community institutions; (6) devise an outreach strategy to raise awareness of the individual collections and the new digital library to support sustainability. 

The partnership is committed to building on our core TV news library by adding materials to the digital library singularly and collectively, inviting broader engagement and interaction.  

Northeast Historic Film's WCVB TV Collection here.