Welcome to the friendly skies of Flying Fur Animal Rescue!

Paul Steklenski saves animals by flying them from kill-shelters to their forever homes. Path 88 Productions has been following Paul and his network of devoted animal rescuers as they try to save numerous dogs and cats.

Changing the fate of these lovable creatures is no easy task. Making it all come together is stressful time consuming work. Failure is not an option as so many lives are at stake, but sometimes failure can't be avoided. Can Flying Fur and the rescue network overcome their challenges? Our documentary film explores the skill, commitment, and emotions that are needed in an attempt to fly these pets to happier lives.

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"Our goal with the 36 minute film is to heighten appreciation about the volunteers saving lives in the world of animal rescue. We also want our screening events to raise awareness for your local animal rescue organizations. As part of the screening we would like to invite regional shelters and allow them to distribute information about their organizations."
Admission $9.99
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June 27, 2019 - 7:00pm