NHF participates in and hosts many different types of activities.  We hold events at the Alamo Theatre and rent the space to other groups for their own performances.  We also venture to other locations to give presentations.  Please take a look and see our slate of events.  We will continue to add more as they are scheduled. 



NHF participates in and hosts many different types of activities.  We hold events at the Alamo Theatre and rent the space to other groups for their own performances.  We also venture to other locations to give presentations.  Please take a look and see our 2016 slate of events.  We will continue to add more as they are scheduled.

Fri 21 Sep, 6:00 pm
Fri 21 Sep, 8:15 pm
Sat 22 Sep, 6:00 pm
Sat 22 Sep, 8:15 pm
Sun 23 Sep, 2:00 pm
Sun 23 Sep, 6:00 pm

Based on Penelope Fitzgerald’s novel of the same name; "The Bookshop" is set in 1959, Florence Green (Emily Mortimer), a free-spirited widow, puts grief behind her and risks everything to open up a bookshop – the first such shop in the sleepy seaside town of Hardborough, England. Fighting damp, cold and considerable local apathy she struggles to establish herself but soon her fortunes change for the better.

By exposing the narrow-minded local townsfolk to the best literature of the day including Nabokov’s scandalising "Lolita" and Ray Bradbury’s "Fahrenheit 451", she opens their eyes thereby causing a cultural awakening in a town which has not changed for centuries.

Her activities bring her a kindred spirit and ally in the figure of Mr. Brundish (Bill Nighy) who is himself sick of the town’s stale atmosphere. But this mini social revolution soon brings her fierce enemies: she invites the hostility of the town’s less prosperous shopkeepers and also crosses Mrs. Gamart (Patricia Clarkson), Hardborough’s vengeful, embittered alpha female who is herself a wannabe doyenne of the local arts scene.

When Florence refuses to bend to Gamart’s will, they begin a struggle not just for the bookshop but for the very heart and soul of the town.
113 mins

Wed 26 Sep, 5:30 pm

In this 2001 re-edited version of the 1970 concert documentary, Elvis Presley's first non-fiction film, Elvis returns from thirteen years of concentrating on movie roles to perform his "Summer Festival" run of shows in Las Vegas. As the film opens, Elvis is rehearsing a new ensemble, the TCB (Taking Care of Business) Band. The film follows Presley through rehearsals, relaxation and performance and looks at the fan culture surrounding the shows.
97 minutes

Suggested donation $8.

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Fri 28 Sep, 5:00 pm
Sat 29 Sep, 9:00 am
Sun 30 Sep, 10:00 am

3rd annual International Maritime Film Festival
Alamo Theatre, Bucksport, ME
September 28-30, 2018

Friday, September 28, 2018
5pm-6pm: Opening Reception, Alamo Lobby
6pm-6:30pm: Herring Opera (Grand Prize, shorts) 27 min.
6:30pm-6:35pm: Postcard: Going to School by Ferry 4 minutes
6:45pm-7:45pm: Keepers of the Light 60 min.
7:45pm-8:15pm: Q&A

Saturday, September 29, 2018
9am-9:05am: Postcard: Matinicus Pizza Delivery 3 minutes
9:15am-10:30am: Last Fisherman 73 min.
10:30-10:45am: Break
10:45am-11am Maine Coast Harvest - Adam Campbell 10 min.
11am-11:45pm: NY 40 Marilee 38 min.
11:45pm-12:15pm: Q & A
12:15pm-2pm: lunch
2:15pm-3:30pm: Lobster Wars (Runner Up, feature) 74 min.
3:30pm-4pm: Q & A
4pm-4:15pm: Break
4:15pm-4:45pm: Moon and Lake of the Stars 30 min.
4:45pm-5pm: CA Thayer 11 min.
5pm-5:30pm IMFF: Fresh Takes project introduction (young filmmakers project)
5:30pm-5:45pm: Break with snacks
5:45pm: A Climate of Change: Warming Waters in the Gulf of Maine 6min.
6pm-6:30pm: Sea is My Brother (Runner Up shorts) 30 min.
6:30pm-7:30pm: Journey Home AZ 58 min.

Sunday, September 30, 2018
10am-10:30am: You Can Do It in a Small Boat 27 min.
10:30-10:45am: Q&A
10:45am-11am: Break
11am: Maine Coast Harvest: Karen’s Story 4 min.
11:10am-12:10pm: Captain of Utopia (Grand Prize, feature) 60 min.

Fri 19 Oct, 7:00 pm

Stephen King (BEST SELLING novel) (screenplay)
Behind a young family's home in Maine is a terrible secret that holds the power of life after death. When tragedy strikes, the threat of that power soon becomes undeniable.
103 minutes

Sat 20 Oct, 7:00 pm

This documentary is a detailed look into the making of PET SEMATARY, one of the most enduring cult-horror classics of our generation.


In 1989, director Mary Lambert collaborated with King of Horror Stephen King to bring his best-selling book PET SEMATARY to the screen. The shocking true story behind the film that scarred a generation of impressionable young genre fans gets the royal treatment in UNEARTHED AND UNTOLD: THE PATH TO PET SEMATARY. Aficionados of this undead classic can dive behind the scenes in HD glory, with a graverobber’s bounty of bonus features!

It’s true that sometimes dead is better, but for two New England filmmakers, the story of Stephen King’s PET SEMATARY was far too alluring to leave buried. That’s why John Campopiano and Justin White spent nearly five years seeking to uncover the story – from book, to film, to cult status – amounting to the most comprehensive look at the horror classic ever produced. UNEARTHED AND UNTOLD: THE PATH TO PET SEMATARY is both an in-depth independent documentary and celebration of King’s classic tale of terror, told through the voices of cast and crew from the 1989 hit film, as well as locals in Maine – the place where it all started.

In addition to first time ever interviews, tours of the many iconic locations used in the film and never-before-seen photographs and home video from the set, this film explores the impact PET SEMATARY has not only on horror fans, but scholars of Stephen King’s work. Featuring interviews with director Mary Lambert, stars Denise Crosby, Dale Midkiff, Miko Hughes, Brad Greenquist, Andrew Hubatsek, Susan Blommaert, the Berdahl twins, Michael Lombard and MANY MORE!
78 minutes
Q & A with the filmmakers LIVE in Bucksport!!!!
Meet John Campopiano & Justin White!

In the spirit of GHOSTPORT!


For online tickets:
Or visit BookStacks at 71 Main Street, Bucksport
Or Orrington Historical Society: PO Box 94, 446 Dow Rd, Orrington, Maine 04474, (207) 478-7159