Collections Management

Submitted by Gemma

For the past year NHF has been working with Whirl-i-gig to create a custom Collective Access (CA) database. The database will allow the creation of both Collection Level records and Item Level records. It will serve as a catalog for managing all the moving image materials in the archive, as well as the back-end to our new Online Collections Guide (which you can view on this website). We are about half way through the project, and have just about developed the database to meet our requirements on the Collection Level.

We are currently in the beginning stages of developing the Item Level, which will be based in the PBCore standard. The Item Level will be populated with approximately 28,000 item level records that NHF has created since we began cataloging in a bibliographic database called ProCite about 20 years ago. In order to go from the "flat" ProCite records to the more dynamic PBCore records AV Preservation Solutions is helping us migrate our ProCite data set to PBCore XML, which will then be imported into CA.