Camp Kieve, Then and Now

Submitted by Katrina

I was elated to find a note this morning from Gemma Perretta, NHF Collections Manager, pointing me to a wonderful article on Camp Kieve, subject of the CLIR Project's Camp Kieve Collection.  Ray Suarez and his PBS NewsHour team visited Camp Kieve, highlighting their efforts to help veterans and their families heal. (Be sure to check out the narrated photo essay!)

Camp Kieve for Boys was founded by Donald Kennedy in 1926, created in this same humanitarian vein -- with a focus on wilderness, exploration and personal expansion, downplaying the competitive nature of other boys' camps.  Camp Kieve transformed throughout the years, eventually expanding beyond summer camp sessions by the mid-1970s under Donald's son, Richard Kennedy.  In 1990, Henry Kennedy, Donald’s grandson (and Richard's son) took over as Executive Director.

Henry Kennedy expanded Kieve’s offerings and services further, including Wavus Camp for Girls, the Kennedy Learning Center, Kieve West, 9/11 Family Camp, an Alumni & Family Adventure Camp, and, most recently, a Veteran’s camp. In 2005 Kieve Camp merged with the Wavus Foundation to create the Kieve-Wavus Education, Inc.

We are very pleased to have the opportunity to provide access to two original reels of film documenting the history of the Camp ca. 1930-1950, and celebrate Kieve's continued legacy.