Berlin 1957

Submitted by Jessica

In keeping with our goal of making accessible northern New England's moving image heritage, Northeast Historic Film presents Archival Moments from our collection before the weekly feature films at the Alamo Theatre. If possible we like to select a collection which relates to the feature in some way. This week our feature, Unknown starring Liam Neeson, is set in Berlin, Germany.

Our Archival Moment is a home movie from the Herbert F. Sturdy Collection shot in Berlin in 1957. This film was shot 12 years after the city was divided into four Allied zones at the end of WWII and just four years before the construction of the Berlin Wall. In it we see aerial footage, the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedachtniskirche, the unrestored Reichstag, and many shots contrasting the bustling commercialism of the western zones with the nearly deserted unrestored Russian zone.

To see a piece of the Archival Moment, play the video below: