Annual Appeal

Submitted by David

Our 2010 Annual Appeal letters just went into the mail.  If you aren't one of the lucky 2,000 people who received one but would be heartbroken not to participate, I can help.  Read on and I'll give you three easy options.

Donations to Northeast Historic Film's Annual Appeal are an important part of our budget.  Your contribution will help us keep the moving image heritage of the region safe and provide resources to make sure the collections are seen and used.  

Where does my money go?

 Each gift helps us:

  • preserve more films (use our new website to see many wonderful examples),
  • operate and maintain our temperature and humidity controlled media storage vaults,
  •  support the staff that cares for and describes the collections,
  • present over 200 shows each year in the Alamo Theatre (ranging from feature films to the Summer Symposium),
  • maintain the study center which provides film and exhibition history resources for students, teachers, and researchers.

And remember, every gift (none is too small and I doubt any would be too big) will get you a place on the Annual Appeal donor list.  If you haven't been on it before, click here and imagine your name appearing!  If you are already on the list, please accept our sincere thanks for your past support, but don't forget to make a gift this year.

How can I help?

Easy option #1:  Use a credit card to make a gift right now.   

Easy option #2:  Download a donation form (pdf) and send it in at your convenience.

Easy option #3:  Send an email to NHF requesting a donor packet through the mail.

 If you have any questions give me a call at 207 469-0924 x101 or drop by the Fryeburg Fair Farm Museum where we will be from October 3-10.