ADMIRAL ROBERT E. PEARY, a lecture by Ed Webster

"Admiral Robert E. PEARY :

From Bucksport to the North Pole

An Educational & Historical Lecture by Ed Webster

Using ALL ORIGINAL archival photographs !!

Just over a century ago, the Races to both Poles of the Earth were won. The first attainment of the North Pole was by Maine’s Robert E. Peary, Matthew Henson—America’s most famous Black Explorer—and four Inuit men who together reached the Pole on April 6, 1909. In many ways, Admiral Peary’s successful journey to the Earth’s northern axis began in Bucksport, Maine on the banks of the Penobscot River. It was here, on Verona Island, that Peary’s Arctic ship, of his own design, was built at the Charles B. Dix shipyard—by the shipwrights of Bucksport. Christened the Roosevelt by the Explorer’s wife Josephine, this intrepid ship was launched on March 23, 1905.

It was this well-constructed, unique ship built in Bucksport that allowed Peary to sail to the northern tip of Ellsmere Island on two expeditions, to survive the long, dark Arctic winters safely with his team—and to successfully reach the North Pole in 1909.

After attending Portland High School, Robert Peary graduated in the Class of 1877 from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, and settled on Eagle Island in Harpswell, Maine. In 1891, his wife Josephine became the first Caucasian woman to winter over in northern Greenland. On a return expedition to Greenland with her husband in 1893, she gave birth to the couple’s first child, their daughter Marie, who the Inuit nicknamed “the snow baby,” a moniker she kept for the rest of her life.

Admiral Robert E. Peary: From Bucksport to the North Pole uses ALL ORIGINAL archival photographs taken on Admiral Peary’s Greenland and North Pole Expeditions by Peary himself ! After years of research and with the assistance of the Bucksport Historical Society and the Maine Women Writers Collection at the University of New England, local Mt. Everest mountaineer Ed Webster has assembled an astounding illustrated lecture using the REAL photographs taken during Admiral Robert Peary’s landmark achievement of attaining the North Pole.

Admiral Robert E. Peary: From Bucksport to the North Pole is an Illustrated Powerpoint Lecture narrated in person by Ed Webster. Length: approximately 80 minutes with follow-up Q&A. References are available. Contact Email:"
--Ed Webster


November 13, 2014 - 7:00pm