2017 William O'Farrell Fellowship Awarded to Artemis Willis

Submitted by David
NHF is pleased to announce that Artemis Willis, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Chicago, has been awarded the 2017 annual research fellowship. The O'Farrell Fellowship is sponsored by Jim Lindner, a friend of Bill O’Farrell--as well as a long-time mentor and supporter of the archives.
The William O'Farrell Fellowship is awarded each year to an individual engaged in research toward a publication, production or presentation based on moving image history and culture, particularly amateur and non-theatrical film.
Willis's project explores intersections, from the early 20th century, between non-theatrical motion pictures and lantern slides in northern New England. Audiences were edified and entertained by both lantern slides and films during this period, but scholarly attention has largely focused on the work of celebrity travel lecturers such as E. Burton Holmes, while overlooking the regional and amateur lantern practices that were prevalent through the 1950s.
Through a study of NHF’s holdings of lantern slides, including material from seven different collections, Willis is uncovering a broader range of interactions between still and moving images on the level of production, exhibition and consumption. The results of this examination will help create a richer picture of the New England screen during the first half of the twentieth century.

It is expected that the results of Willis's research will be presented at NHF's 2018 Summer Symposium. For the last 18 years, NHF's Summer Symposium has been held in July at the Alamo Theatre in Bucksport.