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1) [J. G. Capstaff-- home movies] Reel 1
Deposited by Peter Dennen. NHF Cataloger's Notes: 1902.001. Young girl (Betty) drawing a figure and writing names on blackboard. (3:00) Another girl, (Phyllis) somewhat older, drawing...   more
2) [J.G. Capstaff--home movies]
Deposited by Peter Dennen. Note: Collection renamed from Peter Dennen Collection, August 2002. Contents and significance must be established before disposition is settled. Notes in coll...   more
3) [J.G. Capstaff--home movies] Reel 2
Much of this is [Naples? Maine], California and Wyoming. (17:02) yard, [twin] boys...   more
Capstaff/Dennen Collection
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Collection Date Range
1924 – 1950
Collection contains [John Capstaff/Dennen--home movies], primarily scenes of domestic and recreational activities in Rochester, New York, and family trips to Maine (Lake Sebago), New Hampshire, Yellowstone Park, and California. Collection also includes stereoscopic glass slides, Castle Films: "World Parade: Escape in Canada," and Kennel Kings: "The Morris and Essex Dog Show at Madison, NJ."
Biographical/Historical Notes
John G. Capstaff was in charge of the photographic division at the Kodak Research Laboratories during the early twentieth century. Capstaff's processing experiments at Kodak were instrumental in the development of Kodak's first amateur 16 mm camera, the Cine'-Kodak.
Amateur, Travelogue
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