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1) [MSHA Meeting]
Director James Mitchell of the Maine State Housing Authority (MSHA) discusses new home loan program at meeting in Falmouth. // Item from can 221, labeled 01/07/1975 - 01/15/1975.   more
2) Artemus Ward House
No description available   more
3) Nylander Museum
No description available   more
4) University of Maine at Augusta Jazz
No description available   more
5) Masons Ovens and Saws
No description available   more
6) Bath Ship Model
No description available   more
7) Steel Works
No description available   more
8) [Assorted Maine & NH Reports]
Fritzi Cohen (sp?) review of comedic stage play 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum' with footage of play and actors in Brunswick; wrecked Volkswagen Beetle car off road, po...   more
9) Ice Fishing
No description available   more
10) [Longley on Scrutiny of Nominees]
Governor James Longley speaks at press conference on government service and public scrutiny of his nominees. // Item from can 221, labeled 01/07/1975 - 01/15/1975.   more
11) Planetarium
No description available   more
12) Ray Booth
No description available   more
13) Custer's Last
No description available   more
14) [Scarborough Planning Board Criticized]
Neighbors question planning board approval of plans for new home site; item from can 236 labeled 04/11/1975 - 04/16/1975   more
15) Sea Glass
No description available   more
16) Farnsworth Museum
No description available   more
17) [Portland vs. Biddeford Basketball]
Portland vs. Biddeford; high school basketball game at Portland Expo building; late 1970s footage   more
18) Computer Kid
19) Kujo (Wonder Dog)
No description available   more
20) Casco Bay Hilton
Portland Harbor hotel.   more
21) Quilt Maker
No description available   more
22) Morgan Horses
No description available   more
23) [1957 Maine Forest Fire]
Can label says: 1957 Maine Forest Fire; footage of large forest fire, firemen, aerial footage of thick smoke and burned homes, Kennebunk sign; fire fighters drink water beside truck on...   more
24) Stanley Stamp
No description available   more
25) John Haley Journal
No description available   more
26) Barbie's House
No description available   more
27) Islesboro School
No description available   more
28) [Carey-Longley Dispute]
State Representative Richard 'Spike' Carey talks about his meeting with Governor James Longley and their dispute, says state representatives wanted to 'shock (Longley) into reality', sa...   more
29) Louis Sarvary, Alpine Carver
No description available   more
30) Islesboro Historical Society
No description available   more
31) Opera House
No description available   more
32) Cohen on China
24 minute interview with William Cohen at Senate Recording Studio, 1/18/1979. Discusses China policy, President Carter's Korean policy and the recognition of Taiwan. Several minutes of...   more
33) Barn Gallery
No description available   more
34) Children's Museum
No description available   more
35) [Crime Rates]
Detective Lieutenant talks about crime and clearance rates; item from can 236 labeled 04/11/1975 - 04/16/1975   more
36) Skolfield Whittier House
No description available   more
37) Dick Perham's Organ
No description available   more
38) Granite State Flower Show
No description available   more
39) First Parish Church
No description available   more
40) Rope Spinner
Rope spinner is Tom Ferchette.   more
41) Hurd Manor
No description available   more
42) House Calls
No description available   more
43) Elmer's Barn
No description available   more
44) Odyssey of the Mind
No description available   more
45) Marvelous Mal
No description available   more
46) Farrier
No description available   more
47) Wolfeboro Airport
No description available   more
48) [Executive Council Meeting]
Meeting of the Executive Council. // Item from can 221, labeled 01/07/1975 - 01/15/1975.   more
49) The Apothecary
No description available   more
50) Linden Tree
No description available   more
51) [Old Age]
Interview with congressman on old age; continued from item 0853.0237; from reel labeled 'Old Age - 03/11/1962'   more
52) Phippsburg Historical Society
No description available   more
53) Maine's Ice Cutters
Dated January 1990. Story about contemporary ice cutter including CU of deer, squirrel. Steve Philbr(ick?) cutting ice with power saw and hand saw. His camp. He speaks on joy of ice cut...   more
54) [Forest Insect Problems]
Unidentified man talks about assement of insect problems in Maine forests; item from can 236 labeled 04/11/1975 - 04/16/1975   more
55) [Dependent Child Aid Program]
Unidentified man speaks at press conference about aid program for families with dependent children. // Item from can 221, labeled 01/07/1975 - 01/15/1975.   more
56) [Kennebec Journal Anniversary]
150th anniversary of the Kennebec Journal (1825-1975), interview with newspaper official with copy of the first edition of the paper, compares style to the current edition, comments on...   more
57) [Gun Control Laws]
Woman talks about gun control laws; from can 241 labeled 05/06/1975 - 05/08/1975   more
58) [Sanford-Springvale YMCA Construction]
Nutter interviews men in hardhats at construction site for Sanford-Springvale YMCA in Sanford.   more
59) [Maine Economy]
Unidentified man speaks about economic conference, trends in the Maine economy. // Item from can 221, labeled 01/07/1975 - 01/15/1975.   more
60) [Baseball Newsreel]
Major League Baseball players including Casey Stengel and Wille Mays; ceremony at Fenway Park for Boston Red Sox baseball player Ted Williams; Maine Day at Fenway, Little League player...   more
61) [Tapley on Bigelow Mountain]
// Slightly faded. // Item from can 221, labeled 01/07/1975 - 01/15/1975.;Interview in television studio with Lance Tapley on Bigelow Mountain referendum petition drive and upcoming mee...   more
62) [Lewiston Water Main Break]
Water main breaks on Lincoln Street in Lewiston due to boulder shifting. Night footage of repair crew/workers, water pump. // Slightly faded. // Item from can 221, labeled 01/07/1975 -...   more
63) Rockin' with the King
Two 30-second public service announcements for WCSH using WABI footage, copy supplied per use agreement. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.   more
64) [Groundbreaking]
Groundbreaking ceremony; can notes say: 'Air, Gr. Brk. 12/15/1966'   more
65) [Longley Nominations]
Murray reports on Governor James Longley's nominations; from can 241 labeled 05/06/1975 - 05/08/1975   more
66) [Royal Family]
Unidentified elderly man talks about meeting the royal family when working the Buffalo Bill Show; from can 241 labeled 05/06/1975 - 05/08/1975   more
67) [Emergency Personnel]
Emergency personnel/EMTs take person out of house on stretcher, place in ambulance; from can 241 labeled 05/06/1975 - 05/08/1975   more
68) [Layoffs in New Hampshire]
Taylor outside New Hampshire Department of Employment Security, reads report on layoffs. // Item from can 221, labeled 01/07/1975 - 01/15/1975.   more
69) [Basketball Newsreel]
Boston Celtics basketball game highlights at Boston Garden; Bates vs. Colby basketball game at Waterville; Cheverus vs. Brunswick high school game; Cape Elizabeth vs. unidentified high...   more
70) [Lost Fishing Gear]
Interview with man about benefits for fishermen who lose gear; item from can 236 labeled 04/11/1975 - 04/16/1975   more
71) [Stanley Freeman]
Acting Chancellor of the University of Maine, Stanley Freeman, speaks at Kiwanis Club; item from can 236 labeled 04/11/1975 - 04/16/1975   more
72) [Maine News Service Reporters]
Maine News Service reporters Don MacWilliams, Phil Johnson at desks in front of map, weatherman Ellis O'Brien shows weather patterns at chalkboard map of United States, then shows off r...   more
73) [Thomaston Lockdown Outtakes]
Lockdown at Maine State Prison in Thomaston; 90 troopers spend almost a month at the Maine State Prison as part of 'Operation Safety' when intelligence indicates the possibility of an i...   more
74) [Salvation Army]
Salvation Army members speak; interview with older woman; from reel labeled 'Old Age - 03/11/1962'   more
75) [Female Job Talent Bank]
Interview with unidentified woman on state council on the status of women about creation of a statewide 'talent bank' to alert state officials of qualified women for state job openings....   more
76) [Native American Presentation]
Interview with unidentified man in front of South Portland Public Library about presentation on Native Americans; item from can 236 labeled 04/11/1975 - 04/16/1975   more
77) [Maine Performing Arts]
Unidentified woman interviewed about upcoming performing arts events in Portland, Waterville, and at the University of Maine in Orono featuring Maine artists. // Sound out of synch. //...   more
78) [Miscellaneous Boxing Clips]
Interview with unidentified foreign boxer on reports that he was 'doped' during his last fight, talks about upcoming fight with Floyd Patterson; boxing match footage; boxers training an...   more
79) [Ski Conditions & Savings Plaza Opening]
Interview with unidentified man on conditions and snowmaking at ski areas throughout the state. // Unrelated Yates story on opening of Maine Savings Plaza in Portland (One City Center b...   more
80) ['Forum' Review & Oil Embargo]
Cohen reports on performance of 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum'; footage of actors on stage (see item 1619.0009); unrelated silent color footage of multiple gas station...   more
81) [Health Care Funding]
Unidentified man discusses funding for health care; from reel labeled 'Old Age - 03/11/1962'   more
82) Smiff Brothers--Sandwich Fair
Sandwich Fair: Clif Reynolds (wearing cowboy hat) plays primitive string bass-type instrument along with Smiff Brothers on guitar and harmonica.   more
83) [Portland Museum of Art]
Can labels date as 10/29/1969; reporter at Portland Museum of Art next to sculpture discusses the generation gap; interviews sculptor and his son, who is a painter; painter smokes cigar...   more
84) [Woman]
Woman speaks on behalf of those who can't speak for themselves; from can 241 labeled 05/06/1975 - 05/08/1975   more
85) [Mini-Midi-Maxi Skirt Fashions]
Can labels date as 04/06/1970; Fritzi Cohen fashion report on mini-skirt, midi-skirt, and maxi-skirt styles; interview with man and women on skirt fashion trends; young woman and middle...   more
86) [Legislature Report]
Murray reports from State House on the week's business in the Legislature and the status of the political parties. // Item from can 221, labeled 01/07/1975 - 01/15/1975.   more
87) George Mitchell: Waterville to Washington
'A Newscenter Special report December 29, 1994.' Includes archival footage of Mitchell and Erwin from several NHF collections.   more
88) [Portland Symphony Classes]
Student musicians work with Portland Symphony professionals in master classes; from can 241 labeled 05/06/1975 - 05/08/1975   more
89) [Fort Preble]
Can labels date as 04/03/1968; reporter at Fort Preble; interview at fort with director of Southern Maine Vocational Technical Institute on history of the installation; brief tour of th...   more
90) [Longhorn Rodeo]
Outtake footage of Longhorn Rodeo event at Cumberland County Civic Center; cowboys ride bucking broncos/horses; Longhorn Rodeos took place on 11/04/1977 - 11/06/1977 & on 10/26/1979 - 1...   more
91) [Basketball & Hockey Newsreel]
University of San Francisco vs. La Salle in 1954 NCAA college basketball championship game at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Bill Russell stars; Red Auerbach smoke at Boston Celti...   more
92) [Income For Seniors]
Interview with man about seniors' incomes; from reel labeled 'Old Age - 03/11/1962'   more
93) [Revere Bell]
Can labels date as 09/25/1969; interview with priest at Holy Trinity Church on the corner of Park and Pleasant Streets in Portland; one of the few remaining Revere Bells made by Paul Re...   more
94) [Welding Class]
Welding class in Biddeford prepares students for jobs. // Item from can 236 labeled 04/11/1975 - 04/16/1975.   more
95) [Firefighters Union on Staffing Issues]
Larry Cox of the firefighters' union calls for staffing and equipment changes; item from can 236 labeled 04/11/1975 - 04/16/1975   more
96) [Portland Football Practice]
Portland High School football team practice in Portland   more
97) Androscoggin River Reborn
News story on Androscoggin River. Includes NHF archival footage from Brown Paper Company Collection acc. 0836 Reels 62-64 and/or Reels 71-72. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.   more
98) [Miscellaneous Maine Commercials]
Advertisements/commercials for Dunlop Tire Company, animated eyes watch image of tire; Fairview California kosher wine bottled in Gardiner; convertible sofa-sleeper by the Schultz Compo...   more
99) [Maine Baseball]
Scoreboard at Fenway Park in Boston shows that 'Maine' and 'NE' are playing baseball; NE baseball player throws dirt in anger while on third base; all-star game?; from 'Sports Archive R...   more
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Collection Date Range
1954 – 1998
Collection contains news footage consisting of sports, news and documentary material, and feature segments for the series "People, Places, and Things." "People, Places, and Things" segments (approximately 600), on the air from 1978 to 1988, were two to four minutes long, produced by Clif Reynolds, and covered the wide range of Maine activities such as sheep farming and showing antique cars. The news footage includes outtakes from coverage of a lock-down at the Maine State Prison in Thomaston when a guard was taken hostage in 1975. Locally-produced documentary programs include a one-hour special on former Senator George Mitchell's political career. Forty-six videotapes document efforts of a young Maine girl, Samantha Smith, to connect with the leadership and youth of the Soviet Union in the early 1980s.
Biographical/Historical Notes
WCSH is an NBC affiliate in Portland, Maine, now owned by Gannett Co., Inc. The Maine State Prison in Thomaston was demolished in 2002.
People and Organizations
Clif Reynolds
Northeast Historic Film
Access is restricted; consult repository for detail.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://www.oldfilm.org/research for more information.
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