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1) Luther Gulick Camps, Sebago Wohelo, 1926
Content notes (titles in quotes): 'The Luther Gulick Camps 1926 Sebago-Wohelo.' Double decker steamer, lots of people on deck [arrival at camp]. 'Water Sports Day opened by the processi...   more
2) Luther Gulick Camps, Sebago Wohelo, 1926 (Duplicate Negative)
This b&w dupe negative was created from original (acc. 1021.0001) at Cineric, 10/2003.   more
3) Luther Gulick Camps, Sebago Wohelo, 1926 (Release Print)
Print was created from dupe negative (acc. 1021.0001.01) at Cineric, 10/2003. // Content notes (titles in quotes): 'The Luther Gulick Camps 1926 Sebago-Wohelo.' Double decker steamer, l...   more
4) Luther Gulick Camps, Little Wohelo, 1926
NHF cataloguer's notes, 11/94 (intertitles in quotes): 'Such a lovely shallow beach! Even Mildred and Barbara can play with safety here.' Girls in shallows of lake. Building sand castle...   more
5) Luther Gulick Camps, Little Wohelo, 1926
NHF cataloguer's notes, 11/94 (titles in quotes): 'Such a lovely shallow beach! Even Mildred and Barbara can play with safety here.' Girls in shallows of lake. Building sand castles. 'T...   more
6) Luther Gulick Camps, Little Wohelo, 1926
NHF cataloguer's notes, 11/94 (titles in quotes): 'Such a lovely shallow beach! Even Mildred and Barbara can play with safety here.' Girls in shallows of lake. Building sand castles. 'T...   more
7) [Wohelo Camp Footage 1919-1923]
NITRATE // Promotional work featuring Wohelo camp activities. // Intertitled. // Canoe paddling by team of young women, who dive off canoe together; jewelry making; clay and pottery cra...   more
8) [Wohelo Camp Footage 1919-1923] (Duplicate Negative)
Duplicate negative made at Cineric from toned nitrate original (acc.1451.0001).   more
9) [Wohelo Camp Footage 1919-1923] (Release Print)
Print made from duplicate negative (acc. 1451.0001.01). // Print has blue color tint. // Includes National Film Preservation Foundation (NFPF) title card at head. // Promotional work fe...   more
10) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 1
Crooked River 20s;Title: ‘OFF ON A THREE DAY CANOE TRIP UP CROOKED RIVER’, ‘THE ACKLEYS GETTING READY FOR THE NIGHT.’ People and tents around a campfire. Intertitle: ‘GETTING DRINKING W...   more
11) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 2
Timanous + Wohelo 1929, Perhaps Before 1928;A group of boys using a hand crank ice-cream maker. A boy moves an ice block with a wheelbarrow. A group of boys on a rope swing. A skunk and...   more
12) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 3
Helen Curtis Riding Shinaye - Japan Mt. Washinton Emma Schultz - Dance Marionettes Water Sports;Close ups of various girls. A girl getting off of a horse. Girls in dresses. Girls pickin...   more
13) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 4
Title: Camp Timanous During the Summer of 1925 Various Camp Scenes; Many intertitles.;Title: ‘CAMP TIMANOUS DURING THE SUMMER OF 1925’, ‘MISS CAMP TIMANOUS’. A girl, a camper, poses for...   more
14) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 5
Swimming, Diving From Tower, Aquaplaning, Canoe, War Canoe Races;Title: ‘A GLIMPSE HERE AND THERE OF SOME OF THE ACTIVITIES OF THE LUTHER GULICK CAMPS IN 1925.’, ‘WATER SPORTS DAY.’, ‘T...   more
15) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 6
Close up of campers including Dottie Gulick, several shots of water sports.;Not transferable, due to shrinkage.   more
16) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 7
17) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 8
18) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 9
Duplicate of Reel 1 (2145.0001)   more
19) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 10
1928 Little Wohelo No 1 original;Girls stretching on a dock. Women and girls stand in a circle in the water, dipping their heads underwater. A woman helping a girl to float. Campers swi...   more
20) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 11
Timanous 1928 Soap Bath in Lake Tree House Slide Down/Tennis/Rolling/Rifle Contest/Horses/Water Sports Day/Diving;Title card: ‘8 cards 66580’. Intertitle: ‘THE TIMANOUS CAMPS DURING THE...   more
21) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 12
This film of 1928 #1 #2 were shown by Halsey Gulick in September 1977 and were in very good shape.;Title: ‘SEBAGO WOHELO DURING THE SUMER OF 1928’, ‘THE FOLLOWING PICTURES AT BEST, CAN...   more
22) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 13
Puppets, Frogs Frolic, Tow, 1928 L.W. Little Wohelo;Children (campers) painting. An outdoor puppet show. Campers performing with puppets. A puppet show. Campers pose with puppets. Campe...   more
23) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 14
Shown 8/77 Procession up Crooked River/Timanous across lake + up Douglas Hill/Gypsy Trip/Ocean Trip Sebago Wohelo 1928 #2;Title: ‘SUNDAY SERVICES AT “SIVAD”. A group of girls (campers)...   more
24) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 15
Timanos 30s Little Boys Paddling with hands/Diving off canoe/Does the dog enjoy it/Timano''s Circus/Somersaults Circus Gymnasts (w/Frost Valley)/ Riding in Woods/Turtle;Title: ‘PLENTY O...   more
25) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 16
Sebago 1929 Water sports 1929 Swim + canoe + dive;People gathered on the shore of the lake. A line of girls in swimsuits and bathing caps walk past the camera. A swim race. Boats on the...   more
26) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 17
1929 - Riding Crooked River;People watch as campers ride horses in an outdoor ring. Jumping horses. Campers in costume with a horse. Two girls riding a house. One girl sits on the other...   more
27) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 18
1929 Water Sports From Ruth Passhancock Has diving from heaven lies;Tents on the shore. Windy weather. Girls in the campsite. The wind in the trees. People on the shore and a line of gi...   more
28) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 19
Timanous 1929 - Riflery, Tow at Wohelo, 'The Timanous' House boat while under construction + docked in the Songo River, Halsey + Gretchen (?);Title: ‘TARGET PRACTICE.’ Boys (campers) sh...   more
29) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 20
Title: ‘WATER SPORTS DAY’, ‘DEMONSTRATION OF TEACHING BEGINNERS’. A group of girls (campers) stretching before swimming. Campers playing in the water. Intertitle: ‘NOAH’S ARK’. People i...   more
30) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 21
Gulick Camp Riding 1929 Water Sports 1930;View of the lake. Girls (campers) on horseback, riding around an outdoor ring. A group of men and a Dalmatian puppy. People seated in the grass...   more
31) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 22
Diving/War canoes/Water Sports Day/Dancing/Horses - Last 1/3 So Casco Fair;A motorboat towing a line of canoes, some with sails. Cabins. A marching band. A parade of people in costume....   more
32) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 23
Little Wohelo 1933;A toddler on the beach. Girls playing on the beach. Girls (campers) riding horses up a dirt road. A man walking towards the camera. Girls seated in the grass. Campers...   more
33) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 24
1933/Sebago Wohelo/Canoe Trip/Great [illegible]/Horses/July 4 - Minstrel/Horses + Old Cars;Girls in two canoes. One canoe capsizes, and the girls in the other help to right it. Girls (c...   more
34) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 25
Title: ‘Agfa’. Two girls in a canoe paddle up to a sailboat and climb in. The girls raise the sails and sail back to the dock. Girls (campers) canoeing. Campers holding up a canoe. Outd...   more
35) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 26
Title: ‘FAMILIAR FACES. WISH ALL GIRLS HAD FACED THE CAMERA.’ Shots of various girls (campers). Campers walking through the woods. Two girls hold up a doll. A man in a chef’s uniform. C...   more
36) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 27
Title: ‘THE LUTHER GULICK CAMPS’. Boys and girls (campers) on horseback. Girls blowing up balloons. A girl swimming with a parasol. Girls gathered on the shore. Synchronized swimming. A...   more
37) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 28
Camp Timanous 1936;Sign: ‘CAMP TIMANOUS’. People seated in front of a house. A line of boys (campers) and men (counselors) lined up by the flagpole for the raising of the flag. Campers...   more
38) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 29
1936 Sebago Wohelo No 1;Title: ‘THE LUTHER GULICK CAMPS’. The lake filmed from an airplane. The camp filmed from the water. Girls (campers) riding horses. A dance performance. A person...   more
39) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 30
Sebago Summer 1937;A motorboat towing a line of sailboats and canoes. Sailboats on the lake. Synchronized swimming. A girl (camper) diving from a diving platform. A car with a rowboat o...   more
40) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 31
Timanous 1938;Groups of girls (campers) sitting on the grass, watching people riding horses in an outdoor ring. Close up of a boy. Boys (campers) on riding horses. Boys diving from a do...   more
41) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 32
Sebago Wohelo #1 1938;Girls (campers) in swimsuits walking through the woods. People seated on the lake shore. Campers swimming. A synchronized swimming routine. Diving. A motorboat tow...   more
42) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 33
Sebago Wohelo No. 2 1938;People seated on a dock. A group gets into a motorboat. A sailboat. People wave from a motorboat. Sailboats. People on the dock. A motorboat towing a line of ca...   more
43) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 34
Little Wohelo 1939;People gathered on the shore. Girls (campers) diving from a raft. Campers canoeing. Swimming. A paddleboat race. A dance performance. Panning shot of the people watch...   more
44) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 35
Sebago Wohelo 1939;Girls (campers) lined up on the dock to dive into the water. Swimming. A girl swimming, wearing a wide brimmed hat. People watching from the shore. A woman playing th...   more
45) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 36
Sebago Wohelo No. 2 1939 Ocean Boating/Digging For Clams?/Camping out/Crafts/A Crow/Sailing/Riding;People walking down a pier. A group of girls (campers) getting on a boat, waving to th...   more
46) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 37
Duplicate;Aerial Footage ;Shoreline Scene ; Girls Hold Title Card ; Various Camp Activities;The lake filmed from an airplane. A floatplane landing. Two girls (campers) in swimsuits hold...   more
47) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 38
The lake filmed from an airplane. A floatplane landing. Two girls (campers) in swimsuits holding a sign: ‘LUTHER GULICK CAMPS’. Camp buildings. A teddy bear on a cot. A cabin. Campers o...   more
48) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 39
Appears to be duplicate of items .0037 and .0038, except this item includes opening title "Luther Gulick Camps".;Sign: ‘LUTHER CULICK CAMPS’. The lake and camps filmed from an airplane....   more
49) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 40
Timanous Duplicate 1941;Lake and camp filmed from an airplane. Sign: ‘CAMP TIMANOUS’. Boys (campers) playing in front of a white building. A man poses for the camera. A boy plays the bu...   more
50) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 41
Used on television about 1950 Coolidge newsreel for small fry Marionette house/Making marionettes + show Bib uniforms/Pooh Animals on stage;A group of girls (campers) with marionettes....   more
51) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 42
Title: ‘LUTHER GULICK CAMPS on SEBAGO LAKE, MAINE.’ Girls (campers) riding horses. Cars parked in a field. Horseback riding in a circle. Jumping competition. A motorboat towing a line o...   more
52) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 43
Getting Gay with Neptune (c) 1919 C. L. Chester (Kodascope);Title: ‘FROM KODASCOPE LIBRARIES’. Intertitle: ‘GETTING GAY WITH NEPTUNE. A C.L. CHESTER PICTURE Produced in co-operation wit...   more
53) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 44
SW-Tim-LW - 1943-44 9/96 Each Starts with Aerial Photo;Lake and camps filmed from an airplane. Two girls in swimsuits and swim caps hold a sign: ‘LUTHER GULICK CAMPS’. Cabins by the lak...   more
54) [Wohelo Camp Footage] Reel 45
An older woman mending cloth. Women and girls (campers) walking around the camp. Campers eating on the lakeshore. Girls carrying a canoe. Canoeing. Campers walking through a field. The...   more
Wohelo-The Luther Gulick Camp Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (18,850 ft.) : sil., b&w ; 16mm
Collection Date Range
1919 – 1926
Collection contains [Wohelo Camp Footage], a promotional film showing camp activities ca. 1919-1923. Collection also contains home movies of a girls' summer camp on Sebago Lake. "Luther Gulick Camps, Sebago Wohelo, 1926" shows arrival by steamer, horseback riding, and Water Sports Day activities such as water ballet, diving, swimming, war canoe and relay racing. "Luther Gulick Camps, Little Wohelo, 1926" shows young girls at camp, playing in water, also puppets and marionettes.
Biographical/Historical Notes
The Luther Gulick Camps, located on Sebago Lake in South Casco, Maine, include Sebago Wohelo (for older girls), Little Wohelo (for younger girls) and Timanous (for boys).
Northeast Historic Film
Access is restricted; consult repository for detail.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://www.oldfilm.org/research for more information.
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