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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 084
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes: Reel 84: Archie Stewart can notes: Hunting 1941. Screening notes: Tracking shot, plane flying in cloudy sky. LS of sea plane circling over lake at Thoroughfare (Dobsis Lake). MS of pontoon plane landing. Rob Golding in plaid hunting jacket carrying wood into small log cabin. LS three men beside boat on lake shore, tree branches in FG. Grandfather Stewart in casual clothes ambles on sandy shore. MS of cabin in woods. Tilt up to smoke curling out of brick chimney. LS three men on lake shore [Archie, Rob Golding, George Northrop?] MS of same men, one aims and fires rifle. Second man throws rock in water. VS Archie in torn coat firing rifle at floating target. VS of men firing rifles. Men landing canoe, drag carcass on shore. Two men hold up white buck. Men paddling canoe, land beside long rowboat. Four men in hunting gear beside prow of grounded rowboat, smoking and talking. MS of three men standing in rowboat, snow falling. [Boat is "The Sadie" wide like "Aunt Sadie Curtis] VS of hunters in snow launching boat. Pontoon plane resting on lake. Plane circles with boat on water. Tilt up: Plane in flight. VS men sawing firewood in glade, Rob Golding and Howard Kendall. Dusk: five hunters launching boat onto lake. Paddle out to large boat with cabin, transfer passengers, tow canoes. Rob Golding poses holding deer antler. Men loading kill from hunt into canoe, deer. Archie inspects antler held by Rob Golding. Golding tips hat to camera [Mary Stewart Hafer says nice picture]. Howard Kendall starting pull motor in stern of boat. Moving shot from boat of wake as pulls away from shore. Man loads wood onto campfire in woods (dark). Four hunters stand in line in high grass. Tip hats. Night shot, CU flames of fire, cooking pot hangs from metal arm, brick fireplace. #3 cabin at The Pines, Dobsis Lake. Joe McGrath.
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