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1) 1521.0034_VHS
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3) 1521.0034_F16
16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; Color
4) 1521.0027-.0034_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0034-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 34
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1940 – 1941
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N31; can numbers are donor assigned. Can note: 'WOHL.' NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 34: (22:15) This reel is in full color. Family gathered in front of home. Boy has balloon. Woman smiles. Couple in early 30's. Man has camera. Woman talks. Boy age 12 or 13 comes between them. Boy and man wear identical flannel shirts. Man touches boy. Woman plucks a flower and eats a seed from stem. Man saws at front of porch. Two boys watch from right. Woman seated in front of them. She points to man sawing. She folds garment on her lap. Woman takes flower, eats one of the leaves. (23:03) Parked car with door open. It is adjacent to grove of trees. Boulders, trees, water surface. Town or city opposite. Pan. includes boulders, trees. Woman walks under roof of shed. Woman walks on path. Dog runs up to woman. He follows her as she walks about. She hurls stone. She walks forward. Home exterior with small staircase leading up to it. Woman leans against porch column. Woman, dog on highway. She points toward house. Dog joins her. Woman by car. She sits on rear fender. Small camera extends from strap around her neck. She rises, points in distance. Quick scan of town or city across the river. Fence. Field with its bushes, low-lying foliage. Woman standing on boulder. She looks across river to city on opposite side. Boy plays violin in front of door of home. Holds violin expertly and sweeps bow across strings in professional manner. He continues to play. Shrubbery and buildings of city opposite included in shot. Woman rounds corner by rough, shack-like structure [studio]. Quick pan. studio with a row of windows on the side. Woman at desk. Artist's easel at her right. (26:05) She assembles papers on her desk. Woman and boy on a boat. Woman talks, looks into camera as the boat skims along. The two observe a pleasure craft skimming along near opposite shore. Woman and boy walk up path of home. Between them, they carry a basket. Sign amidst trees: 'Halibut Point.' The boy and lady carry basket between them as sailboat skims across the water. Boy carries basket over boulders at edge of water. Woman carries garment as she walks along. Pan. rock-boulder expanse once more. Woman and boy picnic while sitting on the boulders. Woman dabbles her feet in the water. Tide, spray commences coming in. Another woman sits on the boulders. Aforementioned woman turns and says a few words. Rippling water surface. Varied water craft. Back of woman's and boy's heads. Water surface. Assorted water craft. Woman and boy on rocky shore. Boy stands as woman reaches into paperbag. From amongst the rocks, she takes a bottle of wine. She reaches downward. Woman and boy in doorway of home. Boy has artist's box of brushes. Woman grasps brushes as man looks on. Boy tickles young buddy with brush. Family group assembled. Man touches woman on shoulder. Little girl is holding cat. Another little girl kisses cat. This girl has kitten also. Woman and boy talking. Boy wears a suit and woman is well-dressed. (29:02) Boy holds door of car as woman enters. Boy, woman wave as they enter brick building with an arched doorway. Side view of car. More people enter brick building. Foliage, tree adjacent to building. Woman walks among flowering trees. She peers upward. Couple in their 30's. Woman points outward with her glasses. Man takes her by arm. They walk by stone wall. Shrubbery, trees in area. Arm-in-arm the couple walk along. Lady nods her head. A tall tower made of mortar or stone. A building is attached to tower. Building has appearance of architecture around Shakespeare's time. Car parked near small wall enclosing part of this dwelling. Overhanging trees. Lawn. Road. Couple walk down road. Two men stand in arched doorway of aforescribed building with its aged, but well-maintained architecture. Flowering tree adjacent to building. Long, narrow lower windows. Higher windows of more conventional size. Man standing in arched doorway. He says a few words. Trees, building as viewed through arched doorway. Two men walking on path. Woman walking on path. Sloping, multiple layered roof of aforescribed structure. Arched doorway. Two women, man come through doorway. Upper exterior section of building. Crowd of people assembled on path before home. Pan. of extended lower roof. Men in black, wearing white collars, clergy possibly. Group of women. Woman with paper. (32:02) Men in their robes. Canvas lawn chairs assembled at side. Trees. Water surface. Aforescribed building. Group of men formally dressed. May be graduating class. They are not dressed in graduation attire. More of the men in their black suits, white shirts, and black ties. Men in their robes walk forward. People in arched doorway and standing at side of building. People on pathway of building. One woman kisses another. Two women talking. Woman shakes hands with man. Woman, man kiss. Man talks with women. Man, smoking cigarette stops to talk. Woman standing between two men. The three talk. Group of men. Man, woman. Both smile. Man carries suitcase, garment in opposite hand. Woman takes garment from him. Car parked opposite arched doorway. Man walks across lawn. (End Reel 34)
Coasts, Family
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