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1) 1428.0028_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1428.0022-.0028_DVD
DVD; 59 min; Silent
3) 1428.0022-.0028_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; 59 min; Unknown
4) 1428.0022-.0028_VHS
VHS; 59 min; Unknown
[Birch Rock camp footage] Reel 28
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circa 1957
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage primarily of camp activities at Birch Rock Camp. NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 28, 1/13/00 JS: 45:00. MS young men assembled on ground in front of camp. MS woman emerging from camp or house. Two women and man with teenage girl. Young men walking up path toward camp. Pan boats. Young men gathered on wooden landing on edge of lake. Young men assembled near cabin. Young men swimming. Young men emerging from bunkhouse. Young man holding aloft 'Birch Rock' camp banner. Young men with duffle bags, packing up, preparing to 'break' camp. Shot of tents. 48:09. Silhouette of young men standing by tent poles. Group standing around talking. Trees, foliage. Clothes drying on line strung between two tents. Two young men standing fishing at lake's edge. LS young man fishing from shore, surrounding trees, lake. Fishing. Quick shot of young man reeling in his fishing line. Young men on shore, sitting drinking, eating. LS three men in a canoe. Group of young men on shore. Group young men standing on trail. Open tailgate shows that back of vehicle is loaded with sticks of wood. Young men sitting on wooden bench in woods. 51:00. LS one canoe on lake. MS boys preparing to go canoeing. Brick gate which is the entrance to the camp. CU two young men. Large milk can. Boy is filling the milk can using pitcher. Boys preparing, eating fish which they have caught. Two boys sitting on open tailgate of car. Two young men sitting on tailgate of vehicle. Stream in forest. Clothesline is hung across stream. Small waterfall cascades down into stream. MS boys wrestling, doing exercises on ground. 54:01. Boys playing tennis. LS camp revelry, boys assembled for morning flagraising. Young men walking forward for a swim. Boys swimming and diving. Three of the boys are in canoe. 57:01. Pan swimmers. LS boys fooling in lake, splashing each other. Two young man stand at opposite ends of wooden platform. One casts out fishing line. The other strums on ukelele. MS of rowboat being launched. Shoreline. Exterior of tent. Items on table nearby. Boys engaged in various activities. Birch trees, table outside of tent area. (End Reel 28)
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