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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; Color
4) 1519.0040-.0045_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 041 (F11)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 41 (F11): [can/reel notes available; dc 1962] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 41. 21:27. Fire starts to blaze outside between lengths of wood. (Shadowy shot.) Young man appears to be lifting something from ground. Two boys at ocean shoreline. Water surface in motion. Boy pulls up pant leg. Boy places seaweed in basket. Waves, tide are moving shoreward. 22:07. Group of young men assembled outside. Young man carries crumpled paper. Fire is ablaze. 22:20. Young man swimming in ocean. He has two wooden boxes of bottled soda. He swims once again in ocean. 22:59. Tents in wood. Triangular decorations are strung, festooned. (This section of film has bluish tint.) 23:11. Gravestone. Trees. Lake surface. Boy blowing bugle. Boy blows slide trombone. Man reaches down to box. Small cannon. Sneaker foot stomps on cannon. Boy touches cannon. 23:58. Boy carries sign which says: 'Bug Stop'. 24:04. Group of boys walk along single file. Boys following boy carrying sign. Group of boys with comic signs inscribed on back of their T-shirts; 'Latrine counselor,etc.' Young man raises American flag. He scales pole. Young man walks along wearing long wig such as English judges wear in court. Young man helps buddy remove coat. They are outside of tent near to decorations. 24:56. Young men push on diagonally-placed pole. As they raise one, one hoists himself on the end. 25:22. Young man aboard sailboat skims over water. Another sailboat with small diagonally placed sails. It is little more than a toy, suitable for one occupant. Wind ruffles the sails. Young man sits in adjacent sailboat. 25:45.(Restoration of full color.) Young men in red swim trunks poised to dive. They jump in water and swim. 25:57. Group of young men gathered on wharf. From opposite side, young man 'jackknife' dives into water. Group of young men dive from wharf simultaneously. 26:04. Group of young men swimming in water. 26:29. Four young men in two canoes. Ones in bow stand facing each other. They have long sticks with boxing gloves on the end of them. Slowly they touch each other with these comic devices. Good-natured stick-fisting as one canoe drifts by the other. Boy leans over with stick in bow of canoe. He faces opponent. They miss each other with sticks. 27:04. One boy touches opponent on face with stick-glove. They poke one another with these stick-gloves. Boy in one canoe jumps into water for swim. 27:38. Canoes laden with oar-plying young men are propelled on lake as other young men watch from wharf. Canoes and rowers. Water surface in motion. 28:08. Man stands with book in hand. Group of young men gathered in nearby gazebo. Others sit and stand at cabin exterior. Left-tracking pan. of group. 28:29. Car with rack attached to top motors down woodland road. Man and group of boys jog down woodland road. 28:42. Boy uses stick to pummel item in small wooden box. Buddies watch from side. Boys sitting on wooden boxes at side. Older 20ish man with pan. He dumps crushed ice on cylinder of old-fashioned ice cream freezer. 29:03. Young men remove excess ice surrounding freezer. Man in white uniform such as chefs wear. He wears beard. He removes cannister from freezer. Ice surrounding it has turned to water. Lid is removed and ice cream is spooned away from cladder or interior frame. Empty pan. 29:36. Boy bats at rubber ball with paddle. Ball is extended on string. String is attached to tree. Young men try to hit ball as it goes around on string. Ball winds down, dangles from tree. It unwinds automatically. Ball dangling and turning around. 30:11. Wooden sign: 'Flying Moose Lodge'. Fleet of young men rowing canoes. Evergreen trees of shoreline. Canoe approaches wharf. Fleet of canoes on lake. Young men standing on wharf. 31:20. Right-tracking pan. of lake surface, rowed canoes, shoreline evergreens. Young men standing on wharf. Two have long sticks. Young men ferry canoes forward by jumping up and down while standing in sterns. Lone young man paddles canoe in conventional fashion while sitting in stern. Other canoes on lake are propelled by motions of young men standing in sterns. 32:12. Left-tracking pan. of inverted canoes near trees at cabin exteriors. Young men run down woodland path and out from amongst trees as man watches from side. They run past inverted canoes. The inverted canoes. One is inverted atop a truck. Gesturing one man is trying to explain something to another. Buddy he's explained to whirls about in comic gesture. He sits on ground. Man approaches pickup truck. He makes absurd and comic motions. He wears white jodpurs and explorer's or tropical hat. 33:09. Men lift engine hood of truck. Small boy emerges! Man closes hood. CU of man's chin. Left-tracking pan. of mountain side. Tranquil water surface. Boys rowing canoes. Bare-chested, long-haired man points outward. He has a pair of trousers in his hands. Two boys get into these trousers side by side. Group of young men watching. 34:01. One boy steps out of trousers as companion falls down. Young man at sink outside. He folds towel or cloth. Group of young men sitting on ground. Man pointing. Young man standing near sink flutters fingers. Young man standing before lectern-like device motions with his hands. Someone points from side. Inverted gallon or more plastic pail. Young men get down on ground. Young man blows small object forward. 35:02. Town or village of Orland, trees, buildings. Exterior of East Orland post office. (End of Reel 41.)
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