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1) 1488.0019_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent
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3) 1488.0019_IN3/4
4) 1488.0018-.0021_VHS
VHS; Silent; Color
5) 1488.0018-.0021_INSP3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 19
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Can Descriptions
Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. 19. 'Bermuda trip 1958.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 19: Intertitle: '1958. Bermuda Trip.' Couple walking on parking lot. Airport. Planes, luggage racks. Horse-drawn carriages. People in festive attire, feathered hats, etc. (Reel is colored.) Group majorettes marching. Drum band follows. Instrumentalists behind. 35:00. Horse-drawn carriages, covered wagon. Cloaked men on horses. Individual horses. Passengers on stagecoach. Zoo animals on float. Giant cup and saucer, couple comprise float. Elephant herd. Woman on sidewalk. Woman watches from large window. Downward vertical track shot of skyscraper. People on sidewalk. Another downward track shot of skyscraper. 36:06. Buildings on skyline of city. Right-tracking pan. of the same. This looks to be New York city. Statue of Liberty. Cruise ship in harbor. Ship embarks leaving foamy wake. Pan. of ocean liner with lifeboats on upper deck. Water, waves of harbor. 37:00. Woman wearing kerchief in yard. Vines, foliage near building. Track shot of tropical harbor, palm trees, white-roofed buildings. Boats moored in water. Pan. moves to right. City street with vehicles, stores, buildings, people walking. Exterior track shot of ocean liner. Horse-drawn wagons. Woman sits on bench as she smokes. White, lavendar flowers in bloom. Foliage, area of lavendar flowers. Array of white flowers. Trees, foliage, small buildings. 38:00. Grove palm trees. White house. Water of harbor, road, homes, foliage. Woman walks down white sand on beach. Throws handful of sand. Shot of rocks, sparse foliage in area. Foam, waves of harbor water. Woman stands in rocky area. Smooths hair. Shot of scantily-foliaged cliffs, rocks. Woman, man on walkway. 39:02. Rocky expanse of the cliffs. Woman in doorway. Motorcycle parked within. Festival. Revelers wear tall hats. Revelers dance about while others watch. The dancing increases in intensity, speed. 40:00. Dancers wear fancy, feathered leggings, trousers. While crouched down, revelers dance in place. Track shot exterior of long, stone building, the windows of which are framed in small squares. Another building of similar appearance, but whose windows are distinguished by long white shutters. Man holds horse's reins as he drives horse-drawn carriage. Woman sits in back. Woman walks down road. She carries small box and slim briefcase. Brick fortress with circular tower from which flags are flown. Right-moving track shot reveals protective wall of stone or brick. 41:03. Peaceful blue ocean surface. Woman on beach. She has open box. Others on beach. Woman walks down road. She is casually dressed, carries bag. She points outward. Silhouette of stone fortification, shoreline boulders. Track shot of long white building with long balconies, porches. Palm trees adjacent to building. Pan. of the palms. Vertical track of tall palm. 42:03. Woman walks up gangplank of ocean liner. Motorboat skimming ocean surface. Profile of ocean liner. Track shot side of ocean liner with its many windows, portholes. Foliage, flowers. Stairs lead down to this garden area. Left track shot area with trees, foliage. White, purple flowers. 43:00. Woman sitting on stone wall waves. Photographed through circular stone arch. Exterior of stone building with small windows. Public building of some kind. Band marching down street. Policemen on motorcycles. Military men marching, rifles resting on shoulders. People running toward field. Large white building with narrow windows. Children, adults walk toward lawn area. Exterior of building, vines. Low palm bushes. Well-trimmed shrubbery. Ocean surface, white buildings on immediate shoreline. 44:01. Pan. of area. Road with protective wall, wispy shrubbery. Car goes down road. Woman approaches wall. Trees, well-landscaped lawn area. White building. Three arched porch. Ocean surface, white sand of beach with its rocks, sparse foliage. Pan. of sandy beach with its rocks, scrubby foliage. Boulders. Houses, buildings spread out in area. Pan. of same. Ocean. People looking down on street as they lean against wall. 45:02. Deck of ocean liner with its long deck chairs. Rail of ocean liner. People on deck. Some in chairs. Long white building on shore. Building on hill is longer than the one just below. People on deck of ocean liner look down while leaning on railing. Cars parked on street. Long assembleage of white buildings on shoreline. Ladies wave from deck of ocean liner. Flags, rigging of ocean liner. Track shot many white buildings on shore. 46:00. Ocean, boulders, rocky shore area. Overhead shot of deck of ocean liner. White-hatted officer. Officer, another man wave as liner commences its voyage. Woman descending gangplank of liner. Other passengers follow. Boy holds fish catch aloft. Buddy takes catch. Black dog appears. He runs a few paces. He is a 'lab'. Dog has item in mouth. Three boys. One holds fish catch aloft. 47:04. Another lad smiles. (End of Reel 19.)
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