5 Copies of This Film
1) 1521.0052_VHS
2) 1521.0052_IN3/4
3) 1521.0052_F16
16mm film; 100 ft.; Silent; Color
4) 1521.0044-.0046, .0048-.0052_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0052-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 52
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N48; can numbers are donor assigned. Box note: 'Small fry.' (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 52: (This reel is in color.) 16:34. Quick shot of infant. Boy wearing snowsuit holds rooster. Dog jumps up to try to get rooster. Snow on trees, ground. Dog makes second attempt to get fowl. Boy presses rooster to self. He twirls around. Dog tries to get fowl. Fowl flaps wings. Second dog present. Boy sets fowl free. Infant crawls on grass. Small dog pursues him. 17:04. Large dog appears, swishing its tail. Shadowy shot. Dog pulls on slender rope. Canine uses teeth. Cat is looking on. Treat for dog is held aloft on a spoon. Treat is taken from inverted small sauce pan. Black and white cat. It is at exterior of home. Cat appears to be on fence. Dog pursues rooster across snowy ground. Rooster pecks in snow. Other fowl is present. Dog again runs after fowl. Another dog approaches. 18:06. Dog nudges fowl. Do wags tail. Cat enters scene. Dog eats from sauce pan while man holds it. Man scrapes sauce pan with spoon. Dog licks spoon. Material on spoon becomes stringy. Dog continues licking. Long string emanates from spoon. 19:04. Two cats and dog. Cat at left bats dog with paw. Standing on hind legs, cat leans over back of lawn chair. Dog has difficulty eating something, nearly chokes. Dog runs under barbed wire. Runs backward under wire. Still eating. Woman gives dog treat. Appears to be artificial bone or 'chewie' attached to end of string. Dog cleans self. Quick shot of puppy. (End of Reel 52.)
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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