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16mm film; 350 ft.; Silent; b&w
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DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0023-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 23
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1928 – 1929
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N23; can numbers are donor-assigned. 23. 'The John G. Lee Family Album. Vol. 3. Dull - Xmas. Aunt Louise, (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 23:01:24. Intertitle: 'The John G. Lee Family Album. No. 3. Grandfather Maxim. December, 1928.' Hiram Percy Maxim head shot. He touches chin. Rolls his eyes a bit. He places on lorgnette. 02:00. Removes same. CU Mr. Maxim. Intertitle: 'Uncle Hamilton Maxim. December, 1928.' Man in his 20's or 30's. He smiles. Says a few words. Rocks in chair. Intertitle: 'Christmas at Hartford. 1928.' Toddler drags toy. Christmas tree. Gifts are strewn around. Toddler has toy airplane. Woman has plush animal. 03:07. Man sits on floor. Woman unwraps present. Man talks to toddler. The three. Woman has miniature package. Shadowy shot of man and older woman. 04:01. Man rocks in chair. Another woman arranges hair with hands. Man holds toddler on lap. The three. Christmas tree and window in background. Woman pushes toy airplane forward. Toddler retrieves plane. 05:03. Man raises airplane which is on string. Intertitle: 'Jack is one year, eight months old.' Toddler lies on floor. Building blocks at right. He inches forward toward man. Toddler pushes toy airplane. He raises his legs. Man places toddler on lap. Toddler sits on floor. Older woman rises from rocking chair. 06:09. Toddler sits on floor. Profile toddler. Toddler peers into camera. Takes toy in hand. It is small trumpet. Adult unwraps package. It is clothing item. Two women of varied ages. Older woman unwraps her present. She has stationary. Profile of man. 07:18. Man at side opens present. Toddler crawls on floor. He pushes toy forward. Toddler smiles. Skims toy over gift wrapping. Woman touches side of face. Intertitle: 'June, 39 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, 1929.' 08:01. 'Jack is two years, two months old.' Toddler crouched in sandbox. He plays with toy. Toddler stands. White fence surrounds sandbox. Toddler with small rake. He rakes ground. Older observes toddler. She sits on porch railing. Older woman sits with toddler on porch landing. She points outward with rake. She gives toddler's cheek gentle tweak. 09:01, The two sit at top of porch steps. Intertitle: 'Hobo gets an awful itch.' Black and white dog scratches self with hind leg. Extended scratching. Intertitle: 'Jack, June, 1929.' Toddler holds small rake behind him. Now in front of him. He jumps up and down as older woman at right observes him. He waves to camera. Toddler jumps up and down on lawn. He has rake. 10:01. He extends rake before him. Jumps around. Intertitle: 'Mrs. Watson has to be called again.' Uniformed woman, nurse, perhaps, on beach with bathing-suited toddler. They walk forward. Car is parked on beach. Toddler in his bathing trunks. Toddler picks up item from beach. He wears fisherman's brimmed hat. He points outward. CU toddler smiling. Nurse pushes sand into sea with small plank of wood. She takes toddler by hand. 11:13. Toddler places stick in water. Nurse walks on beach behind toddler. Woman with short hair talks. She talks to woman wearing hat. Intertitle: 'Father's new Fairchild, June, 1929.' White uniformed man attempts to hand-turn propeller on airplane. Propeller now spins mechanically. Front exterior of plane. 12:01. Man in suit enters plane. Pilot is in cockpit. Man reemerges from plane. Exterior supports of plane. Landscape below as seen from plane. More landscape footage, highways, lawns, etc. Intertitle: 'July 4, 1929. Miss Percy Lee joins the family.' Woman holds infant on her lap. She has arm around toddler. All are on top step of home. Woman kisses infant. Toddler smiles. 13:08. Toddler kisses infant's feet. C. U. the three. Toddler kisses infant on side of head. Woman talks to infant. Toddler has string. Toy on the end of it. Intertitle: 'At six weeks she sits up and takes notice.' Older woman has infant on her lap. Toddler sits at right. All are on top step of home. Toddler waves. Woman adjusts her glasses. Woman ruffles toddler's hair. 14:04. CU infant on woman's lap. CU toddler. Toddler grins. Infant and toddler. 15:10. Toddler goes into house. Infant on woman's lap. 16:00. Family gathered on front steps. Includes older couple, infant, toddler, man in his 20's. Toddler has toy. Older man smooths toddler's hair. Toddler gives toy to young man. Man gives it back. Toddler astride kiddiecar. He pushes it forward, using his legs and feet. He joins crouching 20ish man. 17:07. Man draws kiddiecar with toddler to himself with his hands. He pushes kiddiecar back and then encourages toddler to pedal back to him. Toddler pedals or legs back to man. Man pushes kiddiecar back. (End of Reel 23.)
Family, Christmas

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