3 Copies of This Film
1) 1922.0013_VHS
2) 1922.0013_BSP
3) 1922.0013_F16
16mm film; Silent
[Alvin H. Giffin--home movies] Reel 13
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Can Descriptions
Vinegar syndrome, shrinkage, emulsion damage. // STORED IN VINEGAR FREEZER. // Originally reel 7A. // Note on can: 'Alola's birthdays #3.' // Girl opening birthday gift; birthday party: cake, guests with paper hats; girl sitting next to television, talking; girl opening fan; girl riding bicycle; girl in yard with other girls and mother posed with bicycle; girl putting on corsage; girl taking vase of flowers off mantle; group of girls posed in yard, one girl getting corsage; girls smelling corsage; exterior of airport, plane taking off; car pulling up in front of house, girl getting out; two women walking into dining room; group of four sitting at dining room table; birthday cake scenes; young woman opening gifts, showing them around the table; man playing with scarf; man and young woman with magic wand; birthday cake scenes; birthday party, opening gifts; family/friends sitting in living room; young woman opening gifts; birthday cake; old man and young woman throwing paper in the air; young woman and parents in front of mantle with carved pumpkin; dark shots of party, young woman opening gifts; cake scenes; family/friends in living room, woman opening gifts; birthday cake; opening gifts; man doing magic trick; birthday cake.
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