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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1519.0019-.0021_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 019 (P7)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities shot primarily in Maine. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 19 (P7): [no can/reel notes; dc 1936] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 19: Road, fence, trees, parked car. 01:26. Open car motors down road, two passengers in front seat, man in back seat. Woman in yard. Man waves as car motors into yard. Two men dismount from front seat. Man in car puts shoes on. Another man dons hat. 02:02. Man stands in car while other works on outside. Men remove items from trunk. Vintage car. Man hands buddy pail. Man throws coat on ground. Woman approaches. Trunk top is shut. Three men. Two buddies hug each. Man kisses his buddy at left. Two of the men walk away. Car being backed up. Trees. House. White fence. Car drives away. 03:03. Two buddies sitting on ground. Dog kisses man. Woman looks on as the two enter garage, carry cases. The buddies emerge from garage. One points. The two carry items into garage. Two men talk. One is in car. One outside spreads arms. Man outside smiles. 04:03. Two boys in rowboat. They row short distance and moor on shore. They emerge from boat. Gear for picnic on table outside. Man smoking pipe crouches down. Car parked near table. Lake surface. Shoreline evergreens. Fishing line trawls through water. Fish flaps on hook. Fish is snared in net. Water surface. Fish on end of hook. Fish is dropped into net. Water surface. Man with fishing rod extended. He smiles. Sparse shoreline foliage, reeds. 05:00. Two men in rowboat. One stands as the other rows. Fisherman in boat casts line. Buddy rows backwards. Reeds. Lake surface. Fisherman reels in line. Buddy rows backwards. Continuation of rowing and fishing. Fisherman almost loses balance, but catches self. Boat moors on shore. The two men emerge. Two boys enter rowboat. They step out. Each has fish in hand. 06:01. Shadowy shot. Someone appears to be beating on pan held aloft. Someone else has pot lid such as seen on large kettle. Kitchen orchestra? Group beating on pots and pans. Woman sitting by fireplace. Woman walking down field. Dog runs at side. They slow down near clump of sparse, rough straw-like bushes. Dog sniffing grass. Small stream intersects field and bushes. Dog runs forward. 07:06. He sniffs in field's high grass. He burrows in grass. Dog jumps across stream to opposite side. Woman waits at fence. Dog runs forward. He sniffs grass. Runs back to woman. He jumps across stream to other side. Woman watches as dog runs about on opposite side of stream. He joins woman on her side of the stream. The field. Sparse,straw-like bushes. Stream. Dog running about. Dog digs in field. 08:02. He sniffs, continues digging. Wags tail. Stream. Dog runs, jumps across stream. Dog runs rapidly about. He sniffs. Dog peers into stream. Runs up field. Exterior of home. Items in hand, boy descends steps. Parked car. 09:04. Other family members descend steps of home. Trunk or chest is secured or roped to back of car. Woman looks on. Man straightens coat. CU woman. She smiles, says a few words. One woman helps another adjust hat. Boy, men of family. 10:01. Three women. One touches head. Woman with hands in her pockets. Family members move about. Man positions camera. Two women. One wears fur-collared coat. Man holds item to buddy in car. Ladies at car exterior. Car drives away. Trellis fronting brick chimney of home. Lawn, grounds near home. Car backs up. African-American man approaches registery office of resort cabins. Parked car. Individual cabin units. Adjacent evergreen trees. Awning of 'Dining Room' cabin. Parked car. CU African-American man saying a few words. 11:05. He enters dining room. Old-fashioned penny scale is on porch. Woman walks in yard, enters dining room. Long walkway. Trees. Fence. Highway. Individual homes. Yard. Garage. Parked car. CU boy in window. He motions with his hands. White fowl near him. He seems to be feeding fowl. He emerges from barn, henpen. Fowl outside their pen. Flowering bush at right. 12:02. Boy throws fowl seeds, feed. He continues casting seeds, feeding fowl. He walks forward. Nears flowering bush. Feeding continues. He crouches down. Shooes fowl away. Young man smiles. He tries to catch one of the chickens. He picks chicken up in his arms and pets it. He smiles. Fowl tries to escape. Boy descends steps of home. Girl, woman on porch. 13:01. Boy, smiling girl cross yard. Another girl, carrying satchel descends steps as boy watches. Bushes in yard. Left-tracking pan. of academic-appearing buildings. Adjacent trees. Continuation of pan. with impressive academic structures. Administration building. Turreted building with its tower. Trees. Extension of academic buildings. Little girl descends steps of home. 14:00. Two boys on lawn watch as she crosses it. Three children, two girls and a boy. Boy talks to two girls. Three women. One at left hugs little girl against her. Other girl and woman approach. Enter home. Boy enters back seat of car. Man-driver emerges. 15:00. Two women with each a girl in hand. Boy walks ahead of the four. The five join man at car exterior. Boy and one of the girls enter back seat. Man drives car away. Two women talking. Two women swing jump rope as girl jumps in middle. Girl and a woman in glider or porch swing. Girl smiles shyly as woman smiles. 16:02. Group of men working at side of road [laying railroad track?].Two men lift heavy beam, carry it forward. Car parked at side of road. Commercial truck motors by. Men working at side of road. Quick, rapid scan. Large sign at road side: 'Welcome to Spartansburg (Chamber of Commerce)'. Highway. Telephone poles. Trees. Foliage. 17:01. Sign. African-American woman, man and boy emerge from home, sit on top step. 18:02. The three enter home. Street. Bare trees. Academic buildings. Right-tracking pan. of buildings. Parked car. Group of people emerge from building. Two women kiss. Group talks, descends steps. Woman by car. Man joins her. 19:03. Young man at top step. Two women join him. He touches woman's shoulder. The two fool briefly. Man and another woman kiss. CU man smiling. (End of Reel 19.)
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