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1) 2177.0006_F16
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 2177.0006-.0010_BSP
3) 2177.0001-.0010_DVD
4) nhf-2177_0006 ProRes.mov
[Henry Sturgis Dennison--home movies] Reel 6
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circa 1930
Can Descriptions
Label: 'Colored Home 3/8/30-9/10/30 + July 31.' // Warped. // Film has 1926, 1928, 1929 date codes. // 2177.0008 is apparently a copy of this reel. But: this reel on DVD does not have color.
Viewing Notes
Mixed reel includes domestic scenes at house in Framingham (Juniper Hill), Niagara Falls, womens tennis (at Longwood in Chestnut Hill, Ma.?) DVD transferred title is wrong, says Reel 5 but is reel 6. Two children on tricycles on a windy (spring) day. Teenagers, a boy and a girl. Dog on long chain. Two women. Man with mare and colt. Baby in diaper creeps outside. Two women with babies and toddlers on ground. Woman with baby and dog. Rose shrub blowing in breeze. Toddler with other children on lawn. Toddler with pot, girl in birdbath. Woman with children on and next to lawn swing. Shrubs. View of landscape, not Framingham. Floating dock. Baby on lawn, mother and father play with baby. Plants like goldenrod. Children laying out of focus. Setter dog. Continues focus problems. Electronic title on DVD: "Reel 6 Colored" but what follows in Reel 6 is not color. River from bridge. Waterfall, many views. Clouds with airplane. Base of falls, edge of falls. Women's tennis with judges. Audience in stands. Could be Longwood Cricket Club, Chestnut Hill, Ma. Women's doubles. Man warming up; men's singles.
Tennis, Family

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