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1) [BLANK]
16mm film; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1327.0006_VHS
VHS; Silent; b&w and color
[Whipple--home movies] Reel 6
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circa 1927
Reel 6: (10:29) Street scenes from car. Daughter and father(?) walking. LS cluster of buildings. Inside zoo. Polar bears swinging heads. Black bear sitting. Elephant exiting building, turning. Man rides him back in building. Seals (MD) swimming. Playing. Pan park, trees, fences, statues. Building, fence in foreground. Ostriches approach. Girl trying to frighten infant donkey. Zebra. Llama rolling. Looking. Groups lying down. Camel. It is an outdoor zoo, in autumn (no leaves on trees). Goat looks squarely at camera. CU goat. Coat ruffling in wind. Peacock with feathers fanned out behind it on the ground. Abstract light. Angles. Becomes plane in hanger, camera panning across wing span. Airfield. Small bouncing biplane landing. Hanger with wind sock. Pan across landing strip. Planes at rest. Silhouettes of people and dogs walking around the planes. A couple. Woman brushes herself off. Biplanes being pushed towards runway. (14:18). Takes off wobbling. Church shot through silhouettes of trees. Street scene from car (Paris?). (15:18).
Families, Airplanes
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