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1) [BLANK]
Film; 16mm film; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1327.0010_VHS
VHS; Silent; b&w and color
[Whipple--home movies] Reel 10
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circa 1920 – 1959
Reel 10: (32:22). Caribbean. Woman walking away from camera with elaborate hat. Jerky pan of family members on street. 180-degree pan of street. Gardens. Silhouettes of trees. Palms. Oxen pulling wagon. CU of animals' backs, wheels through frame. Pan down through patterns of light and shade. Man throws out hand, holding hat. Women with baskets of flowers leaning into camera. Huge hull of ocean liner. Riggings of a yacht. Pan across shore to sea with distant mountains. Sea. (33:00). Crane shot of men swimming, climbing up side of boat on ropes. Sunburst. Dramatic clouds. Men sitting and smoking on deck. Boats filled with wares forming abstract shapes against water. Boys rowing boats into cluster. Street scenes of women carrying vessels on heads. Street vendors. White militia. Palatial building. 180 degree pan of surrounding area. Church. Rowboat laden with fruit. Women descending deck stairs (camera angled). Ocean level shot of ocean liner. Pan up. Two men one very tall, other very short. 2 audiocassettes of family members commenting on Reels 5-11 and Reels 12-13. Cataloguer's notes and can/reel notes are in Coll. File. Pat, 2/15/96. 3/4 and VHS Ref. copies have audio track from 1327.0037
Ships, Travel, Islands
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