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1) [BLANK]
Film; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1327.0005_VHS
VHS; Unknown; b&w and color
[Whipple--home movies] Reel 5
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circa 1927
"CHRISTENING: Margret Louis and Ann Platt. July 23 1927." Group comes around blind of shrubbery. Children all in matching dresses. Holding parents hands. Mother holds baby up to camera. Baby dressed in white lace. Smiles. CU shots taken with baby in man's arms (Dr. Greene) and in younger boy's arms (Martin Whipple). "Summer 1927." Group of three children on ground play with toy steam shovel. Picnic group. Father holds toddler in air who leans down to kiss him. Boy climbs tree. Boy comes around corner on bicycle toward camera, child running behind falls down and out of frame. Dog comes from corner after bike. (2:33:00). Girl in woman's arms playing with woman's necklace. MD man and boy in white shirts wrestle. Pan hills. Fields. Clusters of trees. Howland, Maine in distance. Woman parades daughter down walk. Two sets of siblings. Older (about four years old) holding younger. Sitting on chairs. Mothers standing symmetrically holding babies. Portrait boy laughing in embarrassment at camera. Wipes nose. Portrait man laughing (Buddy Macan). Takes long drag on cigarette. Man with cane followed by woman pointing. They descend steps. CU man. Woman turning to look out of frame. Family getting out of car. Young boys dancing for camera sneaking out of frame. Ring-around-the-rosie. Five boys in black jump suits holding hands on grass. Sitting in a row, looping arms. (5:34:24). 2 audiocassettes of family members commenting on Reels 5-11 and Reels 12-13. Cataloguer's notes and can/reel notes are in Coll. File. Pat, 2/15/96. 3/4 and VHS Ref. copies have audio track from 1327.0037
This item is available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film
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