2 Copies of This Film
1) [BLANK]
16mm film; Unknown; b&w
2) 1327.0001_VHS
VHS; Unknown; b&w and color
[Whipple--home movies] Reel 1
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Boy throws ball for dog. Woman dressed in flapper dress pushing boy on swing. Boy missing some teeth. Smiles at camera. Swings himself sideways on swing. Flings legs around. Strikes various precarious poses on swing. MD two boys sitting in park playing with toy miniature horses. They look at camera but are completely engrossed in game. Young girl runs by. Next shot. Three girls are crawling in circle around toys. Boy is holding them standing up. Playing horse. Girls in dresses. Pageboy cuts. Boys in knickers and ties. (1:03:16). Baby in bassinet. Looks shyly around. Subtle changing expressions recorded. Camera close-up. Waves fists. Props up head to something in far corner of frame. Laughs joyfully. Slow pan lake. Boy. About four years old. In striped bathing suit. Pushes raft into lake. MD dog swims from opposite corner across frame. Man approaches shore in motor boat. Loops out of frame. Waterskiing. On wide sled-like contraption. Man in full black bathing suit. Swings and splashes behind boat. LS waterskiing. Toddler jubilantly splashes. Black and white dog. Four other children also join in with the splashing. Waterskiier in background. Toddler holds his nose and waves his head back and forth. Young boy in foreground crosses frame riding on sled like waterskiing contraption. Toddler watches. Child practicing. Man simulating motions of motor boat. Group children on shore splashing and wading. Dog imitating children. (1:08:21). Father and two boys. Raising The American Flag. CU man speaking to camera. Man. Woman. Hair blowing in wind. Picks roses. Says "hello". Motorboat crosses frame at distance. Family picnic. Gathering adults. Children. Children in a row. Crest of roof. Small dog runs up angle of roof. Drinking. Two couples. One woman pours alcohol down her husbands throat. He finally spits it out. Everyone laughs. Couple lights firecracker. Children play ring-round-the-rosie at a small lighthouse. Playing. Throwing rocks into lake. Picks up small white dog. Close up small dog. (:11:26). Baby in highchair in corner of porch. Grows exasperated. Sticks something in its mouth. Young boy stands next to baby singing. Acting. Younger brother stands in foreground. Goofing. Jumping. Family on horse back. Coming up a lane. Experiments of what camera is capable of. Car driving over road from worms eye view. Driving over camera. Residue of dust after. Saint Bernard jumps up to receive treat of food from boy. Falls on his back. Man tries to ride dog. Man puts kitten on dogs back. Puts children on dogs back. (1:21:56). Field beyond. Foreground woman adjusts mechanism on car. Young girl in white holds mosquito net. Which blows across the frame in wind. Boys in black suit coats run across frame. Girl dances with mosquito net as if it is a veil. Rocking chair back. In frame center. (1:14:17). Children run jubilantly directly at camera man when they see him. Boy on bicycle. Young girl runs past with dark veil. She waves. Background of white bash billowing in wind. LS sailboat on shore. Boy tugs rowboat. Wears sailor suit. Another toddler grabs rope. Tug of war. Toddler on wharf. Boys running over wharf at varying distances from camera. (1:16:54).
This item is available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film
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