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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0013-.0018_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0014-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 14
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N14 in quotes below; numbers are donor-assigned. (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 14: 38:00. Intertitle: 'Reel No. 4. 'The Master's School', 'Dobb's Ferry, N.Y., 1925. It is vacation time.' Stately marble building with arched columns. Shrubbery in yard. Woman gestures from across street. Woman emerges from car. She advances toward building. Intertitle: 'Estherwood', when all are gone.' Woman walks on lawn of building. Low foliage decorates center of lawn. The formidable exterior of the building with climbing ivy and its porticoes. 39:00. Woman walks amidst the perfectly-manicured shrubbery and foliage of the lawn. Upper facade of the building with its long windows. Side of building. Chapel is adjacent with small cross attached to roof. Intertitle: 'Third house'. Facade of large building with mid-Victorian or Edwardian ambiance. Building is composed primarily of long windows. Intertitle: 'Second House'. Building with porch. Large public building. Intertitle: 'First House.' Large building. Top row of windows are divided into small squares. Roofed columned archway protects front of the building. Upper porch is supported by wooden columns. 40:01. Woman walks on lawn of building. Intertitle: 'Wandering about the old place. Armour House.' Shrubbery, well-kept trees. Woman walks about on lawn. Intertitle: 'Estherwood' steps. This can only occur in vacation time.' Long flight of stone steps, high quality, may be marble. Woman walks down steps. She sits down on mid-step. She removes her hat and looks about. She lies back. Intertitle: 'The School building, Master's hall'. 41:27. Academic appearing building. Side roof slopes. Narrow windows. Woman walks on the lawn. Trees of the grounds. The lawn, trees, car parked nearby. 42:02. Lower section of flagpole. Woman continues walking, observing. Overhanging branches of trees. Excellent variety of trees. Intertitle: 'Windy Brow'. Grove of tall trees. Woman observes them as she walks on lawn. Frontal shot of woman on lawn. She exudes contentment. 43:05. Intertitle: 'Some of the roads.' POV car ride down road. Both sides of road shrubs. The highway or road ahead. Trees, shrubbery. Variety of trees. 44:02. Large building with arched stone columns. We see foliage once more. Walkway. Side of building with climbing ivy. Trees, lawn, walkway. Side of building, trees. Lawn, varied trees. 45:04. Quick shot of front of building with porch railing. Intertitle: 'Leaving Hartford to attend field day, May 16th, 1925.' Dignified elderly man removes his outer coat and places it in car. He removes his hat in semicomic manner, but places it back on his head. Woman is in car. He closes door of car. Intertitle: 'Luncheon by the way.' Three women sit on embankment eating. They have picnic lunch. Intertitle: 'Another lunch after we reached Dobbs.' Group of women picnicing outside once more. Woman smiles at camera while another has a cup in her hand. 46:01. Woman hands snack to friend. Woman smiles as she enjoys sandwich and beverage. Woman brushes crumbs from her skirt. Intertitle: 'Grand March.' Two-by-two group of young women march down grounds. Woman at side seems to be conducting group with hand motions. The women march round and round. 47:02. Their march continues. Intertitle: 'Delta cheer leaders, Peggy Perkins, Betty Eckert, Isabelle Perkins.' The three women exercise, go through cheer leader motions. With gusto, the women practice cheering. Two women adjust ribbons on May pole. Intertitle: 'D.A.A. May Pole Dance. 48:01. Group of women commence dancing, skipping about May pole. They join hands. They each take a ribbon in hand and run about May pole. Some of group advances to center. As they twine ribbons, dance becomes more complex. Scren intertitle: 'D.A.A., Stunt.' Group of women move about in place. They button their jackets. 49:04. Ladies remove their jackets and place them on the ground. They don jackets again. Ladies lie on the ground in prone position, their arms stretched out before them. They arise and now rub their heads and stomachs simultaneously. Ladies in a group. Individual women walk past group. The group walks forward in fragments; some in twos. Others in threes. Intertitle: 'The D.A.A. taking on.' 50:00. The women walk along single file at side of field. They huddle in separate groups. Some of the women clap their hands. They form separate groups. A couple of the women skip. They convene as a body. Intertitle: 'Sack race.' Ladies step into sacks and hop forward. One woman runs back as she holds sack. 51:04. Ladies run forward in their sacks. Two more women complete race. One falls down as she does so. Two more racers approach women sitting in chairs. A woman steps out of her sack. Two more women complete the race. Continuity of the same. Intertitle: 'The D.A.A. president, Miss Percy Maxim.' Tall young woman of distinguished appearance. She has an envelope in her hand. Group of women. 52:01. One woman points at other jestingly. One woman crouches down. Intertitle: 'The obstacle race.' Two women sit atop step ladders as friends below converse with them. Low wire hurdles have been inserted in field. One woman straddles one. Ladies don coats from suitcases. Intertitle: 'They must stay up the ladder until they can eat a cracker, and whistle once.' Ladies sitting on step ladders commence eating crackers. Ladies don costumes, leis from suitcases. 53:03. Woman straddles obstacle and runs forward. Yet another woman ascends the obstacle. Ladies atop ladders talk with friends standing on the ground. Ladies atop ladders descend to be replaced by other women. Intertitle: 'The gum drop on the string. The first one to chew up the string and get the gum drop wins.' Group of women. One rolls on ground in sportive spirit. She extends her hands and friend helps her up. Ladies peer downward as if looking for something. 54:08. Intertitle: 'The umbrella race.' Group of women. Two of them twirl around with tips of umbrellas inserted in ground. One woman jumps up and down. Running woman returns to group. Several of the women race forward. Returning woman racers. Lone runner. Ladies standing in group. Scren intertitle: 'Putting the balloons in their baskets.' Ladies push balloons aloft. They bounce them back and forth. One apples tennis racquet to hers.55:04. Intertitle: 'The End.' (End of Reel 14.) 14. 'Field Day at Dobbs - 1925.'

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