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16mm film; Silent
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DVD; Silent
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BetaCamSP; Silent
[Maine Sea Coast Mission -- home movies] Reel 14
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Film appears black and white. Views in market area in Egypt, with camels tied to a fence, and people carrying goods in baskets on their heads, and the tourists seen in other home movies speaking with some of the men. Some of the men pose for the camera. A snake charmer pokes at a snake, and several men watch. The man handles several snakes, and puts one in a basket. Views of the Temples at Karnak, and the Colossi of Memnon. These two large statues depicting Pharaoh Amenhotep III date from 1300 BC, and are located at Thebes, near Luxor, Egypt. Views of several feluccas, the traditional sailboats of the Nile River, and children playing and men posing for the camera on a tree-lined road. Views of a grain mill at work, driven by a cow walking around the stone. A group of men pose for the camera in a village, and one man does an acrobatic trick as a man balances on his head. More views of a sailing vessel underway. Exterior views of a small village. More shots of statues in the Temple of Karnak . Views of small village along the river, with palm trees lining the river, stucco buildings in background, and children lining the bank. Shots of the excavation work at the Temple of Karnak, with large carts of sand being hauled off on a railway track. A group of people crate a mock battle in a village. Some participate in a dance where people jump as high as they can. More shots of the work at Karnak (?) as men carry heavy loads up a hill and steps and others watch.
Sailboats, Travel
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