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[Maine Sea Coast Mission--production outtakes] Reel 5
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1958 – 1962
These scenes appearing in this reel are outtakes or duplicates of scenes from the edited films produced by The Maine Sea Coast Mission View of a coastal lighthouse, Sunbeam pulling a mooring near an island, and the lighthouse at Mt. Desert Rock. Winter views of a bell buoy tipped over with weight of snow in the water. Views of passengers disembarking from Sunbeam onto dock. Intertitle: "Christian transportation for the dead". Views of a man carrying a casket for an infant down a ramp on a snowy day. Sunbeam sits at the dock, surrounded by ice. View of several men carrying an adult casket down the same ramp and loading it onto the deck of the ship. A crewman shovels snow off the deck of the ship as it is underway. Intertitle: "Navigation in fog by compass, chart, and radar". Sunbeam underway in fog with radar scope at work, man on bridge working with navigation chart and equipment, and the ship passing a nun buoy. Scenes of Sunbeam at dock, and man pushing a bicycle up the dock. Man in open lobster boat at work. Views of sea smoke. Intertitle: "Many types of vessels ply Maine waters". Views of a ferry, the of the three-masted schooner "Victory Chimes", a National Historic Landmark, built in 1900, under full sale. A motorboat tows a load of lumber. Several kinds of lobster boats at work, pulling in a trap. Young boy throws hay around a garden. Views of a small clapboard church. Shots of men digging a ditch, a young girl posing with her snowman, and a summer family picnic. Intertitle: "Vitamins, books, and Christmas gifts go out from Mission headquarters". A Mission employee scoops out containers of vitamins, sorts and boxes children's books, and fills boxes of jelly beans. shots of lobster boat leaving a dock, and Sunbeam on mooring nearby. Views of radio or communication towers lined up on the coastline. Views of Egg Rock lighthouse, built 1875, off Winter Harbor. Views of Sunbeam near a dock, decked out in navigational flags. Intertitle: "The Sunbeam carries varied cargo". Shots of household goods, bicycles, and the casket of a baby being loaded onto the ship. Views of the Sunbeam coming alongside a Coast Guard cutter CG 82305, where passengers are transferred from the cutter to the Sunbeam. The ship passes the Rockland Breakwater lighthouse , built in 1888. Located on a square slab of granite at the end of a half-mile jetty, this station from a distance looks like a house drifting out to sea, with a small beacon attached.
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