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[Maine Sea Coast Mission--production outtakes] Reel 3
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1946 – 1959
These scenes appearing in this reel are outtakes or duplicates of scenes from the edited films produced by The Maine Sea Coast Mission. Views of a group of LPG tanks on a dock ready for loading onto Sunbeam. View of a casket on the deck of the Sunbeam. Sign on deck "Fire Hazard Now Terrific Please Watch That Cigaret [sic]". View of a large lilac bush in bloom. Views of a large fishing trawler aground on a ledge. Jerky views of a whale lobtailing. Views of waves crashing onto coastline with high winds creating large surf. Views of three men posing for camera outdoors. Two of the men wear cameras around their necks. Shots of people debarking and children waiting on a dock, and then a fishing boat in tow. Pan fishing harbor at low tide. Several boats are beached. Children pose for the camera with a teacher. Winter views of trees covered with snow. Views of interior of the Sunbeam's engine room [?]. view of Portland lightship at anchor, then more views of children who have on their Easter best near a church. Views of Sunbeam underway, passing lighthouses and the Maine coastline. Several fishing trawlers are tied to a commercial dock. Views of Whitehead Island lighthouse, St. George, built in 1807. This light station includes the graves of two shipwrecked sailors found frozen in each other's arms. Whitehead was the first station to incorporate a school, attended by children from neighboring islands as well as the locals. Views of a car being carefully put on the deck via wood ramp. views of an outdoor blacksmith shop with a man using a bellows to increase the flame and hammering out a piece of metal. Views from the ship of an island lighthouse, Coast Guard ship at a dock, and views of Eagle Island lighthouse near Deer Isle, built in 1839. The keepers house shown here has since been demolished. Views from the Sunbeam of the mountains of Acadia and rough seas. Views of Curtis Island lighthouse, built 1836, overlooking Camden harbor. Waves crash against a breakwater on a stormy day. Views of Matinicus Rock lighthouse, built 1827, five miles east of Matinicus Island, on 32 acres of rock. shots of a race of International One design sailboats off Northeast Harbor. The Sunbeam approaches a rocky, desolate coastline. View of sunset over water, and of scientists and visitors to an island full of seabirds (cormorants and seagulls), including nests, eggs, and fledglings. Sunbeam passes through a swinging bridge. Shots of Coast Guardsmen launching dory down a ramp off an island outpost. View of the crew of the Portland Lightship (LS 90) standing at ease on the stern on the ship. CUs of the captain. Sunbeam is seen tied astern. Shots of two men on a lobster car, with crabs and lobsters seen in the car water, and a wood-fired steamer on board. Additional shots of storm along the coast with raging surf and waves. Views of huge clouds over the water. Another sunset over water. Shots in winter of Sunbeam being loaded with supplies ( firewood), then unloaded onto dock. Close-up views of Cuckholds lighthouse, built in 1907, at Southport. Views of Coast Guardsmen relaxing on the stern of the Portland Lightship (LS90). LS of whale lobtailing and splashing with a lighthouse in the background. CUs of the wooden Sunbeam beached for repairs and painting, and at anchor on a calm day. Views of people rowing in a small harbor. Views of the Deer Island Bridge on Eggomoggin Reach. the ship passes two lighthouses in the distance. Views of two men on a lobster car in tow, a lighthouse on a rock, visitors on the Sunbeam, loading a casket on board. Views of Mission owned properties in the snow in Bar Harbor. Winter views of evergreen trees covered in snow.
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