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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
4) 1108.0137-.0139_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 138
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1960 – 1961
Can Descriptions
Reel 138: Archie Stewart can notes: 1. Thanksgiving 1960. 2. Snowstorm. 3. Trip to Elizabeth Anne's. 4. Trip South. 5. Kureck's Eau Gallie. NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 138: Color. Formal table with chrysanthemums, 388 Grand Street, Newburgh. Black maid, Esther Gunther, in uniform pours water. VS of food, turkey. Elderly woman eats, GG. Passes vegetables. Archie in bow tie opens napkin, smiles and talks. Esther serves food. Catherine Weaver present. Snowstorm, B&W. Views through window, of station wagon and neighborhood, from 350 Grand Street rear window. Mary Stewart standing by window. Three dogs romp in snow. Sauls home, Dearborn, MI. Lillian Sauls present. Ann Sauls pregnant with Elizabeth. Christmas, color. VS of family with dachshund dog in living room. Children in spotted pyjamas. The whole family in spotted nightgear. VS of passing, opening presents. Pan shot of two children with gifts, doll house in background. Mary Stewart hanging up suit with fur collar. Exterior, child on skates. Second child on saucer sled. Two women bundled in winter coats and hoods. Dachsund playing in snow. Trip to Elizabeth Ann's. 21 Dec 1960-12 Feb 1961 (Elizabeth born Jan 6). WS of picture window with words 'It's a girl' written on glass. TS of street sign 'Tannahill.' TS of real estate 'For Sale. Shown by Appointment' sign. Pan shot from two children outside large brick building up to top floor of building. Bringing baby home from hospital, getting out of car. VS of sleeping baby in mother's arms. WS entering house. Interiors [first shots dark]. Bathing baby in sink [b&w, nice footage]. Sister watching, sucks thumb. VS of grandparents Archie and Mary Stewart with baby. Dachshund meets baby. Color, Mary, baby and dog in shaft of sunlight. Interior, color, birthday party of boy and girl [age 5]. Family seated at small card table, with cake. Baby on grandfather's lap. Mother napping on sofa with baby and dog. Trip south 16 Feb thru 26 March, B&W and color. Mary Stewart standing beside large snow bank, throws snowball. Moving shot from car of highway, snow piled on side of road. Sign: Albany 42, New York 190. VS of unloading car, huge snow piles block view of car at 350 Grand Street, Newburgh. Color, sign: Princess Anne. VS of boat smokestacks. Emblem, insignia on funnel. VS of boat pulling away from dock, Chesapeake Bay Ferry. Archie and Mary Stewart pose leaning on side rails on deck. Picnic beside highway. VS of Archie and Mary Stewart eating beside car. Sign: Outline of Spaniel above house number. Street signs: 'NW 34 Ave and NW 11 St.' VS of older people in front of house, getting into cars, GG and her friends in Coral Gables, FL. Color, Archie washes 1961 car with tailfins. B&W footage of women and children, interiors. Color, children standing beside pen filled with ducks. Family pose outside small house, Coral Gables house where GG stayed with friends. Loading car, departing. People on beach, color. Woman sunbathing. Man fishing. Sign: Skyline Golf Course. Archie and Mary Stewart playing golf. Sign: Skyline Restaurant, Best Coffee in Town. Panning shot, Fred riding motor scooter. Sign: New Ocean Shore Motel [Daytona Beach, FL?]. WS people on beach. Sign for Kurek's house, retired officer Archie knew at Stewart AFB, Paul Kurek. WS man walking beside bungalow, chainlink fence in FG surrounding swimming pool.
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