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8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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[David L. Knowlton--home movies] Reel 5
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1941 – 1959
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes, 8/97 (notes are divided into 9 parts due to length, donor's notes are inserted in brackets): [Location possibly Greenville, Maine or Knowlton, Quebec, Canada.] CU of boy's brow. MS now reveals boy in front of his birthday cake. Cake has two candles on it. He lights the candle nearest him. His mother tries to get him to hold the plate by himself. Wisely, she grasps the opposite side. CU of boy. He raises his hand upward. He acts a bit puzzled. CU of boy holding plate with cake on it. An accomplishment! Quick shot of child holding birthday cake on plate. Quick shot of child walking down the street. MS of car. MS of girl swinging as little boy watches her. CU of little boy in pajamas. Rear shot of this little boy in his pajamas. He is standing near a Christmas tree. He picks up some tinsel that has fallen from tree and places it back on tree. MS of little girl adjusting decoration on Christmas tree. She turns and faces the camera triumphantly, the decoration secure on the tree. Profile CU of another little girl placing an ornament on the tree. CU of her face. MS of three children standing in front of Christmas tree. CU of two sisters by tree. The older embraces the younger. Both girls throw a kiss at the camera. They wave. CU of yet another girl by the tree. She smiles impishly. She covers her eyes with her hands. MS of three children near the tree. They make motions with their hands. CU of little boy outside. He wears snowsuit. Quick shot of man asleep in a chair. Next shot is very poor, grainy, very dark. Looks like medium shot of girl's dancing feet. Quick shot of mother and child near car. MS of girl being pushed in a swing by her sister or young friend. Quick shot of girl dancing. Photography is still poor. Girl now stands in swing. Profile shot of girl walking in street. She carries an umbrella. She goes through a few motions.Lifting her skirt slightly another young girl scurries down steps. MS of girl going through lively motions on sidewalk. She could be dancing. Rear shot of lady entering screen door.
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