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[Maine Sea Coast Mission -- home movies] Reel 6
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Hildesheim, one of the oldest cities in the region of Lower Saxony in northern Germany, became the seat of the Bishopric of Hildesheim in 815 and may have been founded when the bishop moved from Elze to the Innerste ford, where it was an important market on the Hellweg trade route. The settlement the cathedral very quickly developed into a town which was awarded market rights by King Otto III in 983. The historic market place was once considered one of the most beautiful market places in the world. The city was heavily damaged by bombing in WWII, but many of the historic buildings have been reconstructed. Views of the market place showing the Knochenhauer-Amtshaus (Butchers' Guild Hall), known as a beautiful and fine specimen of half-timbered building. Originally built in 1529 and destroyed in 1945, it was reconstructed from 1987 to 1989 according to original plans. The fa├žade is sumptuously decorated with colorful paintings and German proverbs. Views of half-timbered buildings surrounding the market place. Views of a church or priory courtyard. Shots of the medieval buildings along the narrow streets. Views of the City Hall erected in the 13th century in Gothic style at the end of a narrow street near the market place. More views of narrow commercial streets and the open marketplace, children playing in a fountain, and people going about their work. A trolley moves through a narrow street. View of "Gewerkschaftshaus" sign over the trade union house. A man in top hat drives a horse-drawn glass hearse down one of the streets. Older people sit around a tree in a park. View of a workers' parade in Hildesheim, with workers wearing their butcher aprons, several decorated horse-drawn wagons, other workers in uniforms or costumes, some carrying banners. Views of young men and boys playing on a field with a large medicine ball. More views of a parade or demonstration, with young boys carrying signs, and a group of boys and girls following them, carrying flowers. Views of children on large playing fields playing games and dancing. Views of young men and women climbing on each other's shoulders.
Reel notes: "Hildesheim Germany 1930"
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