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16mm film; 181 ft.; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1108.0006_F16
16mm film
3) 1108.0006_VHS
4) 1108.0006_BSP
5) 1108.0006_SVHS
6) 1108.0006_DVD
DVD; Unknown
7) 1108.0006-.0009_DVD
DVD; Unknown
8) 1108.0076, .0006, .0070_DVD
DVD; Unknown
9) nhf-1108_0006 18fps HD Reel 6 FULL-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 006
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Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes, 1/96: Reel 6: Viewing notes: b&w, silent. Intertitles throughout. Attempt to match descriptions to title summary at head may not be correct. Slate: (Part of 1927) Opens with short wide shot of firemen hosing down fire, brief glimpse of Colden Street Fire, which occurred in bitter cold weather and burned entire city block in Newburgh, NY. Brief shot of Howard Kendall, left and Rob Golding right. [See also Reel 27] 'Second section of 1927.' 1) 'Rob Golding impersonates an early American.' Man and woman dressed as Indians with feathered headdresses on horseback gallop towards camera. 2) Canoe Race N. Perry. 'Discussing canoe race on Fourth of July.' Two men stand on country road, talking. 'Down to the sea in canoes.' Four canoes at starting line, beginning of race. Long shot of canoes on lake. VS of men and boys paddling hard, sternman looks behind at pursuers. One team quite odd: man in stern stands while paddling hard, his bowman flails at water with paddle. 'Howard Kendall brings up rear.' Teams paddle in to shore. 3) Cookie [Probably Jack Cook of Miami.] Stylishly dressed group of young men, Mrs Mary Stewart, Mary (daughter) getting into car. (1920s) 4) Mules. Mary plays with doll in wicker carriage, outside. 5) Boat race. 'Intercollegiate regatta Monday June the twenty-eighth.' [Mary Stewart Hafer: Poughkeepsie Regatta. Trains for spectators rain alongside Hudson River. Shot from West Shore Railroad toward Poughkeepsie. Bridge is Poughkeepsie rail bridge. Ferry looks like one from Newburgh Beacon ferry.] People seated on deck, sign on railing 'New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad' Pennant for Cornell University. Various WS of Hudson River with boats of various sizes, people line shore to watch. Large boat with sign 'WRMU' glides by. Boats include motorboats, triple decker ferry. Passing under large steel bridge with stone caisson foundation. Nine man crew rowing race, moving shot follows racers and referee boat. 6) Swimming Brookside. Large group of young boys seated by tent, jump up and mug for camera. VS of campsite, fires. WS of lake, small town on shore. Large four decker ferry boat. Mary Stewart rocks in chair on porch. Two men in small motorboat. Towing man standing on raft, holding rope. 7) July 4, 1926.]
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