7 Copies of This Film
1) 1397.0001_F16
16mm film; [375 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 1397.0001.02_F16
16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; Color
3) 1397.0001.02_BSP
BetaCamSP; 14 Minutes; Silent; Color
4) 1397.0001.02_DVD
DVD; 14 Minutes; Silent; Color
5) nhf-1397.mov
6) 1397_DVD
DVD; [14 min.]; Silent; Color
7) 1397_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent; Color
Rapid River Races
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Title in first frames: 'National White Water Championships held at Rapid River, Middle Dam, Maine, September 1940.' Can/reel notes: film no. 706.41; 'Raygram Corp., property USAAF'; 'spec. 75-190-A'; 'order number 45-5828-AF.'
Can Descriptions
Rapid River Races (Silent) (Color) Rapid River Races (Silent) 706.41 Rapid River Races
Viewing Notes
Title: ‘“National White Water Championships held at Rapid River, Middledam, Maine, September 1940.”’ People paddle kayaks/foldboats across Lower Richardson Lake. Racers wearing numbers stand on the shore. People carrying boats. Paddlers put in below rapids. Boats going over white water rapids. A paddler clings to a capsized kayak. Other paddlers. A kayak is swamped and capsizes. A paddler swims for shore as his kayak is swept away. Paddlers on shore. A paddler on the river passes a camera tripod on the shore. Shots of paddlers on the rapids. A racer dislodges a swamped boat from the rocks, and is then towed to shore with a rope. A man on shore removes the wooden frame of the foldboat from the cloth skin. A racer wearing the number ‘5’. A woman seated on the shore. A different woman points her own camera at the camera. Peopled gathered on the shore, including racers ‘10’ and ‘18’. Racers in canoes, one wearing the number ‘11’. Number 10 in a canoe. A canoe is swamped and the two paddlers float down the river. They are towed back to shore. Two canoeists, one wearing the number ‘12’. A two person kayak. A cameraman films the two people in the kayak. The kayak capsizes, and the paddlers float downriver. Two kayakers set off, one wearing the number “16”. Paddlers climb on shore after a kayak capsizes. Shots of various racers. [End of Reel]
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