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1) 1521.0036_VHS
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3) 1521.0036_F16
16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; Color
4) 1521.0035-.0038_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0036-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 36
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1937 – 1938
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N33; can numbers are donor assigned. Can Note: 'Family April 1938/1939.' NHF cataloger's notes for Reel 36: (01:04) Intertitle: 'Experiments of a very young man. Going places.' Infant crawls along on ground on 'all fours'. This reel is in color. Looks up. Intertitle: 'Hey, this looks like fun!' Infant approaches pan of water. He draws small cloth out of the water. Sniffs it. He dips it in the water and smells it again. Puts it in his mouth. Intertitle: 'Boy, that tastes good!' He chews on cloth. Puts it back in water and applies it to mouth once more. C.U. infant chewing on cloth. He steps into the pan. He steps out, but returns. He steps out, stands on rim of pan. He returns. He has small teddybear. He dips it in the water. He steps out once again. He sits on ground. Throws teddybear into water. Intertitle: 'Let's see you do this.' (04:09) Infant steps in pan of water. Puts one foot on rim. He steps in. He stands up in pan. He crawls out. He returns to pan. Splashes arounnd. Dog approaches at side. Another dog approaches. Infant steps part way out of tub. Intertitle: 'And it never did tip over.' Man drives truck-like device. This part of reel is tinted blue. Stones are piled around. He backs up. (06:02) Large wooden box, size of large trunk is loaded on back. Man pushes on back wheel of vehicle. Toddler in snowsuit. Woman holds infant on her lap. This part of reel tinted pale green. Infant has pipe in mouth. Woman kisses bowl of pipe. Process is repeated. Infant with pipe in mouth. Mother kisses bowl once more. Color is now varied. Toddler or infant with pipe in mouth. Photography is now normally vivid. He places stem of pipe in mouth. Man working outside. Car. Truck. This part of reel is tinted blue. Bare tree. Man reels in rope while two other men work. Man unwraps paper from tree trunk. Parlor with neatly-arranged table near wide window. Table with chairs set around it. Hallway. Tall clock. Small railing at right of stairs. Circular mirror with foliage or imitation foliage draped across the top. The stairs and railing. Flowers on table. Picture framed at right of window. Table with small lamps on it. Bookcases, world globe, easy chair. Circular mirror, stand in front of it. Window. Bookcase. (08:03) Three toddlers playing outside. Two wear bathing trunks. Toddler in sunsuit. He goes over to where other two have hose going. Two women and little girl watching toddlers. Man points outward. Toddler in sunsuit walks along. Other two toddlers still squirting the hose. Toddler approaches woman. His toddler buddies spray him with hose nozzle. He walks around on lawn. C.U. toddler. He walks by buddies with nozzle. Walks across lawn. Rustic, handmade lawn chair. He touches rotating nozzle. Upon being sprayed, he crawls away. Normal color photography resumed. Toddler carries tin pail. Lady smiles as she sits in chair. She smiles, says a few words. Paper with headline: 'Lee News'. Two men, dressed for swimming and dog walk in field in sylvan or wooded area. One man has towel across his shoulders. Woman, little girl also dressed for swimming. Film is tinted a bluish-green. Toddler in sunsuit is crying. He walks over to boy 10 or 11 years old. C.U. toddler's face. Toddler and slightly older toddler behind him. They look to the side. C.U. younger toddler. Woman with the two. Toddler cups face between upraised palms. Normal color photograhy resumed. Tree. Bushes. Shrubbery surrounding home. Front of home with vines growing over roofed porch. Copious trees, shrubbery, well-kept yard. Home. Outdoor urn. Older woman and toddler sitting in yard. Shrubbery. Lawn. (11:02) Elderly woman brushes toddler's hair with her hand. Trees. Shrubbery. Fenced area. Lawn chairs. Woman hands flower to elderly man. Toddler sitting on this man's lap. Toddler points with one finger. Man talks. Two puppies on lawn. Toddler runs up to puppies. Toddler crouches down and caresses one. Pup springs up and kisses toddler. Lake, small tree photographed through window. Cabin cruiser traverses lake surface. Wharf. Moored pleasure craft, the 'Riptide.' Water surface in motion. Sailboats with sails furled. Sailboats with sails unfurled. (13:01) Masts, rigging of boats. Water surface. Varied water craft. Lighthouse. Pan. this area. 'Relief,' large vessel as viewed through window of another water craft. American flag. Long bridge. Possibly, the 'Golden Gate' bridge. Four masted sailboat photographed in silhouette. The setting sun. Small craft, little smaller than a cabin cruiser, the 'Surprise' moored at dock. Water surface in motion. (14:00) Woman walks down country road. Cows in adjacent pasture. She stands by post. Flowers in bloom. This part of reel is tinted blue. Fallen trees, home in area. Flowering trees [dogwoods]. Pan. area. Car motors down highway. Foliage. Blossoms. Plantation-like home. Another car. Felled trees and upright ones also. Pan. area. Men sawing wood, dividing a tree trunk, one on each end of the saw. Man's rose shirt stands out in blue-tinted photography. Large tree trunks on rope pulleys. Felled trees. Tree which o'ertowers a telephone pole. Overhead shot of wharf area. Varied water craft. Steel beams, appurtenances. Group of houses, community on shoreline. This appears to be a city [San Francisco]. Buildings, homes of area. Water surface. Long bridge. Trees. Shrubbery, bushes in home area. Felled trees. Frozen lake. Boy walks on ice skates while woman on skates shovels snow from ice. Boy skates along, almost losing balance. Skater with hockey stick. Snow-covered ice. Boy loses balance, but soon rises. Boy has hockey stick. Loses balance once more. Rises, skates forward. Other youngsters skate forward. Most have hockey sticks. Skate skims puck. Children gathered in front of home. Girl hands boy a small package. C.U. boy. He looks from side to side, says a few words. He smiles. Front of home. Christmas decoration on door. Snow on ground. Children walk in yard. Side of home. Windowed door. Children run in yard. Normal color. Front of home. Home mailbox with inscription 'W.A. Greene , 15 Ten Acre Lane.' (18:09) Bare trees. Low evergreens in area of home. Back of home. Black and white photography. Little girl wearing glasses. Another child shows woman paper item. Child, girl unwraps a small present. She cuts it with scissors. Another little girl has a doll. Toddler leans over at base of Christmas tree. He retrieves small item. Girl unwraps present while woman sits in chair. Mantle is decorated for Christmas. Woman writes on pad, talks, points. Boy toddler crouches down by toy garage. Girl, woman, toddler. Woman clears space. Thrusts paper away. Girl opens present. Boy examines small axe. Woman looks over his shoulder. Woman smooths hair. Man wearing suit. He leans over. Boy examines the back of his toy garage. Girl has plush panda. Life-size toy elf. Girl squeezes panda's head between her thighs. She crouches down as she holds panda by shoulders. Toddler handles toy truck. (21:02) He holds it aloft. Girl has package. Woman looks at label. Rather blurry shot of woman and toddler. Man picks up basket full of wrappings. Wrappings are strewn on floor. Man looks at boy as the latter places money in his wallet. Man, boy, and little girl. A hand holds out scissors. Little girl has wicker doll crib. Man places small package therein. Woman plays accordian. Woman, little girl, man in white uniform. He appears to be a butler or waiter. Family at table for Christmas dinner. Maid walks by. Boy in his snowsuit. Film has reverted to natural color. (23:04) He smiles. Fantail pigeon. (End Reel 36)
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