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16mm film; 860 ft.; Silent; b&w
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4) 0147_F16
16mm film; 860 ft.; Silent; b&w
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Maine Catholics, 1920-24
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Can Descriptions
Death of Bishop Louis S. Walsh. Cardinal Hayes arrives. Priests and 4th degree Knights of Columbus honor guard. Train arrives with Cardinal. Late Bishop in Bangor, May 30, 1920. Funeral with mourners, parade through the streets with 4th degree Knights of Columbus. Contradictory info on film type, but seems to weigh more for nitrate. (All picture and sound credit-safety for other titles.) TITLE: 'Maine Catholics mourn loss of great leader as the Rt Rev Bishop Louis S. Walsh is entombed in Cathedral at Portland with the most solemn ritual of the Catholic Church.' 'Photographed and produced by Daniel M. Maher of Bangor, Maine'. 'Cardinal Hayes, at whose coronation recently in Rome Bishop Walsh was the only American Bishop present, arrives to take part in the ceremonies in this country in which two cardinals ever participated'. 'Priests and fourth degree Knights of Columbus -? of honour escort Cardinal Hayes to the episcopal residence adjoining the Cathedral'. Nitrate: Steam train engine at left, men in funeral dress back to camera in foreground. Man gets off train. Pillar-front of train station? Car fender (license says Maine 1924). Exterior-iron gate, street. Men walk to camera. Guard at attention. Cardinal. 'Knights of Columbus --? 200 priests, abishops, -? and their -? Cardinal Hayes and O'Connel in solemn procession to Cathedral.' Men process wearing -?, tophats. MCU procession, pan procession. Priests in white robes. Choirboys? More priests. From back-people enter Cathedral door. 'Thousands unable to gain admittance to the Cathedral where for three days and three nights persons in all walks of life filed with bowed heads -? the bier of the beloved prelate.' Crowd outside. Police. View from 2nd floor across street-people filing into Cathedral. 'After solemn pontifical (sic) funeral -? body of the late bishop is laid at rest in the Cathedral vault beneath the -?, near the body of the late Bishop David W. Bacon.' MS Procession behind fence, men in top hats, priests. View of fence and building. Courtyard-men hold top hats on chest. 'The Late Bishop as he appeared in Bangor, May 30th, 1920 reviewing the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Parade.' 1920 film. Cars, top hats, tails-men emerge from large door in building. LS building with pillars on left. Men walk toward -? up State Street. Brass band. Bangor band written on large drum, flag on trumpet, trombone, french horns. Sailors, soldiers. MCU Bishop and two -? men. Street with frame buildings. Dignitaries review parade, from back. Stores-the NY Dye house, Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company in background. Parade passes in front-? Followed by sailors. Kids on sidewalk watch parade. MCU dignitaries-hold hats. LS soldiers, pans A&P. 20' stepladder with camera on top-for group photo. Soldiers still in parade for -? stand up still. 'The End'.
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