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1) [BLANK]
16mm film; [225 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2526.0017_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 17, Accession 2526
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1941 – 1951
Can notes: “Charlotte Ann Hussey. First Week at Home; Out Door [sic] for a little bit With 3 Hats on! Daddy helps out. Mother + Charlotte all dressed up. First Summer at Beach. Billy Takes her Picture. First Christmas at Home. First Birthday. Pete gives her a ride in Blitz Buggie [sic]. Walking for a change. 2nd. Summer at Beach. Polly Davis takes her Picture. 2nd Birthday. 3rd Summer at Beach. 4th Birthday.” Shot of woman holding baby Charlotte. Marion and her daughter, Charlotte. Shot of Philip Sr. with baby Charlotte in kitchen. Charlotte getting a bath. Baby Charlotte laying in bed with stuffed elephant and plastic keys. Baby Charlotte on satin blanket in long gown, crying. Marion holds Charlotte on snowy front porch. Charlotte is bundled and looks to be sleeping. Philip Sr. holding baby Charlotte, talking to her on the same porch. Bundled baby Charlotte and Marion. Baby Charlotte in bed with stuffed elephant and other toys, covered in satin blanket, falling asleep. Another shot of Marion holding baby Charlotte outside. A different day, Marion holds baby Charlotte outside. Marion in bathing suit holds elephant for baby Charlotte. Marion and baby Charlotte near sea wall in Wells Beach. Marion and baby Charlotte sitting on sea wall, blue sky behind them. Philip Sr. and baby Charlotte, he shakes her feet at the camera. Peter takes photographs of Charlotte who is laughing and dancing on a blanket in the grass. Marion with Charlotte, waving her hand at camera. Charlotte in stroller inside. View out window shows Wells Beach street. Baby Charlotte with presents near Christmas tree. Baby Charlotte in high chair with toys, laughing. Boys with baby Charlotte, boys take photos of her. Her first birthday cake gets set down on the high chair tray, she has wide eyes and touches it. Baby Charlotte with presents and toys in front of Christmas tree. She smiles and laughs. Again in her high chair, surrounded by toys, laughing. Baby Charlotte getting bath in the sink, laughing. (Philip Sr. using his indoor camera light.) Shot of boy holding Charlotte on front step, snow on the ground. Baby Charlotte excitedly talking while sitting on the couch with Grandma Hussey and a baby doll. Baby Charlotte waves at camera. Grandpa Hussey smiles as Grandma and baby play. Baby Charlotte in small sled, bundled up, snowy ground. Charlotte walking in blue outfit, wobbling down the driveway with Philip Sr. steadying her. Baby Charlotte in small buggy in kitchen being pushed around by Peter. Baby Charlotte walking through kitchen toward camera. Camera films her little feet taking steps. Baby Charlotte walks around lawn. Marion guides Charlotte who sits in chair and poses for pictures. She is in a sun dress and seated on a hill. Baby Charlotte wearing a crown with a large 2 on it, eats some of her second birthday cake. Bundled toddler Charlotte sits atop a large snow hill, waves to camera. Toddler Charlotte shovels. Marion and toddler Charlotte wave from snow hill. Philip Sr. and Charlotte with shovel. Charlotte in summertime, sitting in a suit in a large metal basin filled with water. Charlotte playing with other little ones in a pool on the lawn. Over-exposed shots of Marion with Charlotte, playing in the yard. Philip Sr. and Charlotte then play. Three little girls sit in yard, wind blows their hair and dresses. Small, black Scottie dog runs up to join them. Three girls play in pool at side of house. Charlotte sits on the sea wall and waves. A shot of Charlotte’s fourth birthday cake, she is smiling. A new baby is there, waves at camera. Four year old Charlotte plays dress-up with feathered hats in yard. Charlotte opening present tied in ribbon, seated in her high chair. Present is the Big Book of Nursery Tales. She holds it up for the camera. Shot of Charlotte with her cake. Two candles on top. She has a toy teapot she playfully pretends to pour onto cake. Shot of Charlotte with toys and cake that says Happy Birthday - sign next to her reads: I am 6 years old today, ____ [sic] (Charlie?) Charlotte in snowsuit and snow shoes, moves through snowy yard. Charlotte dressed with guns as a western cowgirl, pulls guns and points them at the camera.
Philip W. Hussey
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