2 Copies of This Film
1) [BLANK]
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 2526.0015-.0016_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 15, Accession 2526
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Donor notes: “ME Retired Skippers Race 1953; Fishing @ Lyford Pond; Aboard SS State of Maine (P.W.H. Was on ME Maritime Acad. Board); Back Home Day; 300th Wells Anniv. Parade” Shot of small child and woman at picnic table. Outdoor party with families. Many picnic tables set up outside, various people seated and eating. View of parked cars in background. Some sort of party or reception. Children stand in line with little ribbons on their shirts. Various women pose in their dresses. Dark shot of group of ladies, one holding something in the air like the statue of liberty, standing in front of American flags. Man dressed as what appears to be a founding father. Man in back of convertible with flag. Wells Beach 300th Anniversary Parade. Parade of convertibles, bands and floats. Man parades team of oxen. Followed by boy parading team of calves. Marion appears in parade dressed like a Native American woman. Floats for Congregational Church and Country store, etc. followed by various bands and cars with American Legion flags. Charlotte near Hussey home in Wells Beach. Various boats on harbor. Maine Retired Skippers Race. One boat has man with megaphone on it. Dark footage of sailboats racing. Footage of sailboats shot from boat on water. Brief view of Marion watching from boat. Man waves to camera from boat called Palmerday. Men on dock. More footage of sailboats on water. Shot of flag blowing in wind, passengers on the boat. View from boat approaching Seal Harbor town landing. Boats on water shot from boat in water. Crowd gathered at harbor. Presentation of trophy to race winners. Dock reads Northeast Harbor Town Landing. Shot of Charlotte with dog. Shot of Peter with dog. Esso Barce No. 4 pulling away from dock. Large wooden crate being lifted onto a ship. View of many crates to be put on board. View of man running equipment lifting the crates, and the men on the ground helping to guide them as they are lifted. Shot of crate being guided aboard by men using ropes. Shot of barrels and crates on dock. Large State of Maine ship ready to pull barrels and crates/supplies aboard. Young men/Maine Maritime Academy cadets prepare supplies, use ropes to pull supplies aboard. View from aboard State of Maine moving through water. Shot of men using looking glass, steadying it on the side of the ship. Young men working on coordinates. Young men getting tans. The seamen mopping the deck. A shot of a large ship out to sea. Marion and Charlotte stand dressed up with corsages, pose in front of car. Two women and a man fishing. Dark shots of fishing in a boat. Preparing fishing gear on dock. Man posing in front of cabin (dark). Woman walks in yard. Man sits on camp porch. Marion and Philip Sr. in fishing gear, Marion wearing netted hat. Fishing scenes shot from boat on water. Shaky camera as fish is caught. Marion puts small fish back in water. Shot of Maine Central steam train parked at a station. People on boat, including Marion. All smile at camera as it pans passengers. View of ski jump and steel structure. Shot of koi pond, Marion and Charlotte kneeling and watching fish. Shot of red flowers/roses along side of house. Many aboard a boat, passengers include Peter and Marion.
Philip W. Hussey
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