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16mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 2526.0001-.0006_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 3, Accession 2526
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1946 – 1948
Can notes: “Bill’s Summers at Camp Great East Lodge And Senior Year at Gould Academy; Diving at Camp; Camp Waterfront Scenes; Rifle Range + Mts.; Camping Trip over Presidential Range; Scenes about Camp; Gould Academy, Bethel ME Various Buildings; Foot Ball Game; Bill Graduates. Shots of men diving into lake. Many men and boys gathered on dock watching diving, two men in boat. Bullseyes set up in distance, panning shot of mountains, water, and landscape. Looks like archery set up for boys camp. Shot of mountains and clouds. Various views of mountains shot from high elevation. Billy and Peter walking down wooden staircase toward camera. Sign for Signal Ridge Trail (dark) followed by sign for Desolation Trail on Mt. Carrigain. View of waterfall and pool below. Shot from lower elevation up toward top of mountains. Shot of boys maybe campers or scouts. Quick shots of camp and then illegible sign. Shot of cat walking on trail. Thin waterfall flowing down side of mountain. Boys pose with thin waterfall. View of cottage or house. View of boys walking on trail and water, mountains. Shot of car moving along mountain road. A trolley or train car and sign for Crawford Path. Various shots of landscape and mountains with boys sitting down to eat. Sign for Gulfside Trail with arrows pointing toward Randolph and Madison Hut. Shot of rock and view down from higher elevation. Gulfside Trail sign and then view of a large valley between the mountains, shadows of clouds moving over the countryside. Shot of boys moving down the rocky mountain trail with packs on (white t-shirts and tan pants on each boy). Man riding horse, boys and young men pose for camera, smoke cigarettes, act goofy. White house in background. Boys make digging motions, roll around in grass, wave to camera. Philip Jr. waves. Boy holds three beer bottles to his mouth. Shot of family posing in front of large brick building. Shot from far away. Views of large building and roof. Mountains in background. A school (?) with cars pulling up. Woman leads man with cane out of door. Shot of autumn street, leaves changed on a tree. View of brick building with bell tower. Pillars out front and front walkway. Shot of parked car and panning shot of brick buildings. View of landscape and sports fields of the school. Philip Jr. approaches camera in a suit. Football game. Philip Jr. Graduation, holds up diploma for the camera. Philip shakes hand of man in gown.
Philip W. Hussey
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